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About Us
The class room of IV A at the Chennai Corporation Middle School, MGR Nagar includes 37 charming and highly talented children from an underprivileged community.  The class has been named as 'Inventors' because of the interest and aspiration of the children to explore and learn about the things around them by drawing inspiration from the various discoveries and inventions in the world.   

Our Vision 
"All the IV A Inventors will be empathetic, passionate and confident leaders of tomorrow who can respectfully communicate with others and overcome their own problems by action and inspiration."

We firmly believe all the inventors can avail an excellent education - comprising of learning outcomes in academics, strong belief in values and the ability to connect with self and others.

Our Journey So Far
  • The class room was intervened by Teach For India fellows 3 years back (please refer 'Our Teachers' to know more), and the kids had a good growth on different areas including reading comprehension, writing, math, science, sports 
  • The kids started participating actively in inter-school competitions and extra-curricular activities
  • Significant growth in the parental investment and encouragement for the kids in the community

Our Past Achievements
  • All our 37 children has actively participated in the inter-school drawing competition hosted by Chennai Tricolor Initiative
  • 24 kids participated in around 31 events at Chennai Students Kondattam, an inter-school competition for Teach For India children out of which 9 children have won prizes for competitions including Trinto Trinto, Dumb Charades, Relay race and poster making
  • 3 of the kids participated in Infinity - Inter-school Math event organized by Teach For India and all 3 of them won prizes
  • One of our kid, S. Barath Mathiew presented a science project on 'Human Digestive System' and won 3rd prize in the inter-school science fair organized by Chennai Corporation
  • A few of our class room stories were captured on The Indian Express - a national daily newspaper on 12th Dec 2016.  Read the article online

Our Plans for the upcoming year
  • Provide excellent resources, worksheets, books, study materials and other resources for children to improve their academic performance
  • Special Sports Training & Workshops  for children on the areas of their own interest in  extra-curricular activities there by increased the active participation of children in intra-school and inter-school activities to build confidence
  • Organizing educational trips as an opportunity to build access & exposure among the children
  • Student-led community impact projects focused on cleanliness and other challenge areas
  • In order to create awareness about the cutting edge technologies, conducting basic tech awareness programs with resource persons
  • Skill development workshops on web development, robotics and graphics design to build the 21st century soft skills among the students
  • Hosting a Mid Year / End Of Year student showcase and providing a platform for the children to showcase their talents & performances
  • Introducing smart learning in the class room with the support of technological advancements.

Help Us
Kindly help us in achieving our vision by donating on this fund raising page.

 Your donation will be helpful to us on these major areas:
  • Educational Trips [we are planning for 3-5 field trips next year]
  • Robotic basic kits and components [20 in nos.]
  • Tablets/Smart Phones [20 in nos.]
  • Sports Equipments [20 in nos.]
  • Printing worksheets/study materials
  • Books related to technology/adventures [The kids love reading!]
  • Stationery requirement for kids [Pen, pencil, geometry box]
  • Basic amenities [Bags/Footwear]
  • High raised benches [12 pairs]
If you will be able to support us in helping our needs in any other ways, kindly reach to us.

About our teachers
"Over the past one year, I had an incredible journey with the 'Inventors'.  An opportunity to see the kids grow and do wonderful things.  It's fabulous to see the kids taking ownership of their learning and growth and they consistently push themselves and myself to achieve our vision." 
~ Aravindhan Anbazhagan [The Class Teacher | 2016-18 Fellow]

"Being with the children as their teacher & friend for the past 2 years were the best part of my life.  We always keep the kids and their learning at the core of all our activities inside and outside the class room." 
Ashwin DS [The Class Mentor | 2014-16 Fellow]

Reach Out To Us
If you wish to get more updates about the class room or other queries please reach out to, Aravindhan -

Follow Us
Get updates and hear our class room stories on our Facebook page -

'The New Indian Express' article about Inventors dated Dec 12, 2016
'The New Indian Express' article about Inventors dated Dec 12, 2016
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25th April 2018
Thank you so much for the support so far!
Here is the major update!

Design Thinkers at IEEE Computer Society India Symposium 2018 - #DesignThinkersAtCSIS2018

Students from Chennai Middle School—MGR Nagar, were one of seven school groups across India invited to the IEEE Computer Society Symposium in Bodh Gaya, Bihar!The kids participated in a competition called ‘Robokidz’, where they developed bots to solve real-world problems and learned about engineering, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Fifth graders Barath and Bhuvaneshwari were runners-up for their water tank indicator bot! The crew learned how to solve real-world problems using IoT devices from Mr. Gajare of Cisco, and also created the idea of a balloon robot to save people from drowning.Design Thinkers were transformed by the trip! “The program improved my understanding of engineering. I learned how to create robotics and understood their purpose from technology experts," said Barath, who took his first flight for this competition. "I felt responsible as an Indian citizen to solve the problems existing in Bihar after seeing the reality. By 2030, I want to contribute towards India for a change. This is my country and I will serve my people," shared K. Prathyangara.
1st March 2018
Hello everyone,

Summarizing the most memorable moments for the Design Thinkers in the past 6 months.

#1 International Olympiad Examinations

10+ Design Thinkers wrote all the 5 of the following examinations conducted by National Science Olympiad.

1) International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)
2) International Math Olympiad (IMO)
3) National Science Olympiad (NSO)
4) International English Olympiad (IEO
5) National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

One of our kid, Barath Mathiew got selected for Round 2 in both IEO & IMO securing top ranks in the city.  The results are yet to arrive!

#2 A complete tech-aided smart classroom

With the help of the funds raised, we were able to inculcate a lot of technology in our day to day learning.  Some of the technologies that we use include,

1) Google Chrome Cast (For instant sharing of information from mobile to Smart TV)
2) Interactive Smart Board (Touch supported)
3) Google Drive resource sharing (through the 4 Tablets that we have)

We realized that we came a long way when we saw the kids tracking their own progress using Google Sheets.

#3 Student-led classroom structures

Students independence and investment towards learning has been two major aspects of our vision for Design Thinkers.

We brought in an interesting classroom structure called as the Class Council which included students assuming leadership roles and solving various problems that exist in the classroom/school/community.

We have very interesting roles like Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Cleanliness leader, Orderliness leader for teams divided into Regions like Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and America.

#4 Chennai Students Kondattam 2018

All the Design Thinkers enthusiastically participated at 30+ events at Chennai Students Kondattam, an inter-school competition and won 11 prizes on competitions like Group Drama, Design Squad, Art from Waste, Lemon and Spoon race.

#5 Trip to Chennai Museum

Kids were taken on a trip to visit Chennai Museum during Dec 2017.  The one-day event provided a lot of insights for the students about the Indian culture, kings, and monuments.  Then, they had an opportunity to watch a drama 'Happy Potter' which is an exclusive play conducted for kids who love Harry Potter.

Kids made an excellent growth in terms of outcomes in the recent Term 2 examinations.  They are possessing strong Math and vocabulary skills now.  We are trying to push for even more outcomes in the final 2 months of Grade 5!

What's next?
- Watch out for a major update.  Kids beyond borders!
- We are building a blog for our classroom.  Get ready to read daily chronicles from the Design Thinkers!

Thank you so much for your continuous support.  Feel free to reach out to: to know anything about kids.

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14th October 2017
Dear supporters,

Thank you for your contribution.  We have a few updates regarding the class room of Design Thinkers:

1) Design Thinkers had an adventurous Term 1. All the 31 kids had an introduction to 'Google Scratch' a visual programming tool and received Certificate of Achievement from Google Code of Lab.

2) The kids have successfully completed Term 1.  Each of them were provided with a personalized holiday home work packets of 60 pages, and it is surprising to see almost everyone have completed the home works by the end of the holidays.

2) The Design Thinkers successfully hosted a End of Term Parents Teachers Conference (PTC) with the theme 'Emerging Engineers' on behalf of the Engineers' Day 2017 (Sep 15). The kids presented about 8-10 different engineering domains along with their applications to the parents through a student-led interactive session! The parents and teacher shared opinions on how to help the students perform well on academics during exams & term holidays. The conference closed out with distribution of Google Code of Lab certificates for all the kids (for learning scratch) along with the printed multiplication table chart.

The school has re-opened for the new term.  We are strengthening our vision-action alignment and trying our best to ensure that all the kids reach 5 on Student Vision Scale (a rubric on Academics, Values & Mindsets, Access & Exposure).

We are piloting an interesting project to bring Technology inside the class room.  More info on the next update!

Watch out:

Aravindhan Anbazhagan
Class Teacher of V A Design Thinkers, CMS MGR Nagar
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