Help Save Aditya my son Critically Sick with Severe Pancreatitis

My son Aditya Kaul is 30 years old. He is critically sick with Severe Pancreatitis and on life support at the Apollo Hospital New Delhi since 15 th Oct 2017.
Adi fell sick in Muscat on 12 th Oct. He thought it was stomach ache and when he went to hospital he felt dizzy with the pain.
They admitted him and put a glucose drip in.
The tests and scans were done - attached - but they let him go home in the evening.
He was in pain again and at 2.30 am and went back. They again started him on IV fluids. I reached him on 13 afternoon and I was told that his calcium level was critically low and they were intravenously stabilizing it.
The doctor did not give me a report on the problem until the 14 th morning, and when asked what the problem was - said ' do you want me to tell you in front of the patient? He then told me that this is pancreatitis and they were not capable of treating him there and he should be moved to India asap
The first flight out was at 2.15 am and I until that time they suggested he be kept on IV. The fluids were not being expelled from his body so his lungs were affected and he was having trouble breathing.
Since 15 th morning he is in Apollo Hospital.
His condition has steadily deteriorated. He is on complete life support systems now.
This morning - 27 Oct, the doctors have decided on Dialysis, which has started at 4.30 pm today.
The doctors initially told us that this disease takes about 3 weeks to be able to know the extent of the damage and he would need to be in ICU for that time. Now they say it could go up to 5 weeks.
After which Aditya would need to be in High Dependency unit for another 4 to 5 weeks until he is able to ingest fluids orally.
The expense of all this until now has been beyond my capabilities.
The cost is on an average about 200000 INR daily.
I am a single parent who works in Dubai. Aditya is my only child. We have been alone since 2000. I have a decent job and my life's earnings have been spent on putting him through a good school in Dubai, college in Canada and setting him up in a small business in Muscat, Oman. He was married in Dec 2015 to Varsha.
How long Adi will be out of work, I don't know, but I need financial support to keep him stable so that his pancreas and kidneys get time to heal themselves.  The money donated will be used to pay for medical expenses and to help with daily living expenses.
My son is fighting hard for his life. Please keep Adi and Varsha  in your thoughts and prayers and thank you for your support.
Your thoughts, prayers and generous donations are sincerely appreciated. 
Ratna Sharma

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19th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

We have some unfortunate news to share with you. Aditya passed away on 9th November 2017. He endured a lot of pain, doctors tried their best but could not save him.

Your support meant a lot to us. Your blessings helped Aditya and us with the strength which we required the most to go through this difficult time. Unfortunately, his body was unable to take the stress.

All the funds raised via this campaign have been utilized towards his treatment. The last few weeks have been the most difficult ones for everyone. We are really grateful to all who helped us in the time of need.

May his soul rest in peace.


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