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Help Geeta Continue Her Schooling and Live Her Dream
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Geeta, Ruhi, Rehman, Rohan, Shiv, and Akash represent millions of Indian children that are immensely talented, have high aspirations, big dreams in their eyes but they don't have the ways and means to fulfill their dreams. Poor financial condition forces them to abandon their dreams and worse, to drop out of the schools! So, unsurprisingly, most of these dreams have a tragic end - a premature death!

The Problem
Because of weak financial conditions, most often than not, the school going boys either work in neighboring tea stalls, petty shops, eateries etc to support their families financially. Whereas, school going girls help their mothers in the house chores and many a time, also work as domestic help to contribute to the family's income. Under such arduous circumstances, where they are extremely burdened with attending school and doing petty jobs for the family, their artistic aspirations take a beating and slowly but surely, they begin to die. 

Ultimately these treacherous conditions lead to a double whammy- the artistic dreams die + children drop out of the schools!

The Incredible Solution
Through ActivSportz, we envisage collaborating with the Municipal & Government schools in the first phase and offer our out-of-the-box programs to all the students free of cost. Through our modules, we will ensure that aspirations of budding singers, poets, creative writers, painters etc remain intact and they get the best-in-class mentorship from the professionals via Video Conferencing or pre-recorded sessions.

The students will also be able to upload their artistic works through the App/Website and everyone (other students, parents, and teachers) will be able to watch, like, comment and share (just like in facebook). 

Our team will re-share all the top performing (trending/most voted videos) to all the ActivSportz Social Media platforms. Students, parents, and teachers will also be able to share these videos with all the popular social media platforms. 

This will give them enormous traction and nation-wide exposure which will further motivate them to perform even better. Under constant guidance of the experts, the children will ultimately bloom and begin to Rise & Shine in their chosen fields!

This will help a great deal:
> To curb the students from dropping out of the schools.
> Help them realize their Artistic Aspirations.

What We're Doing?
In the first phase, we are collaborating with around 100+ Municipal and Government schools across India. We will install smart TVs in these schools and the students of these schools will be able to select one of the Activity Module as per his/her interest. We will connect the Professionals (Mentors) with the students through LIVE Videoconferencing or pre-recorded sessions via our proprietary App/Website.

There will be NO FEE for the students of these schools.

Why Municipal and Government Schools?
We strongly believe that every child is equal & should get equal opportunities irrespective of his/her financial status, ethnicity or gender. Since these children have been disadvantaged for rather too long and since they have been bereaved for the longest period, it is quite pertinent that we start with the students of these schools. This way, we as a society, will be doing something that should have been done a long back ago!

Why the Funding?
In the first phase, we plan to sign up with 100+ Municipal/State Government Schools which should help us cover 50000+ students. For this, we would require INR 31,00,000. The funds will be used to install LED TVs in all the schools, router, and refurbishment of the TV rooms, payments of the professional fees to the domain experts (professionals), creating technology backbone and logistics.

We're extremely proud of our innovation and we strongly believe that this initiative can help millions of students live their dreams and also continue their schooling. If you love the initiative and admire what we are doing, please share the story with all your family and friends. Please feel free to connect to us if you would like to collaborate with us in any way.

Geeta, Ruhi, Rehman, and company (including me) can't thank you enough!

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PS: We would love to give a Return Gift to all the contributors above INR 2500 - a Framed Handwritten Poem OR a Painting made by one of the school children along with a handwritten Thank You Note!

ActivSportz is an initiative by Aseem Chandna, founder of Siddhi Commtel.

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