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Return gift which is the SHOW TICKET will be given to a Minimum Donation Rs. 150
of Rs.50,000
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What are the reasons to help "Cherry on Cake"?

"Cherry on Cake" signifies that tiny packs of love-care-share can make life yummier :)

This show is an attempt to delete all dullness and limitations confining opportunities for our little stars (underprivileged kids).

  • You get tickets for the show as a return gesture for you donation. Now what can be better than that? The kids are giving back to you !!!
  • You can witness the talent and interact with the kids you are donating for.
  • All the money Donating \sponsored will be used for personality development and to create more opportunities for the kids.
  • Supporting a good cause can never go wrong :)

Note* You will receive tickets based on your request and ticket price.  Sorry we wont be able to refund your donation!

How the funds will be used?
Funds will be used toward personality development of the kids from hope foundation and street\underprivileged children we have shortlisted. By enrolling them in classes that can hone their skills

e.g. Dance, Singing, Sports, academics etc..

You can come to the show and watch the talented kids perform, interact with them and choose which one you want to support.

If you can’t make it we will be shortlisting a few and send you a detailed report of exactly how your funds will be used.

Still no convinced ? looking for more details ? Please feel free to contact us and we promise to get back to you within two days.

But after all who are we?

Chavi and Jerry - soon to be Bride and Groom. We are the crazy, unconventional couple with a strong desire to make our society more equal and with unshakable conviction that it is possible with our efforts.

What do we want to do?
Marriage is a big step and we wish to mark it in our lives as one of the best times, doing the best things! Only celebrating with friends and family just did not cut the deal. It had to bigger and more meaningful, it had to set the tone for the rest of our lives. As believers in art, charity, skill and personality development we decided that helping the under-privileged. Enabling them to take the center-stage was the best way to mark this time of our lives. We are lucky to have found immense support from family as well, in this endeavor. We seek your support to make the Dance-Drama bigger and better than any other. Help us show the power of collaboration, dedicated effort and kind hearts.

Who is paying for the show?

All the expenses for this show will be covered be Cherry (Chavi and Jerry).
Which includes theater booking , lights, sets, mics, sound, marketing Make-up, Costume for children (which they can keep after the show) basically everything under the sun required to get a show ready.

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