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Rural Women Empowerment with Solar Cooking

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I Alzubair Saiyed, Associate Member of Solar Cookers International (SCI). I completed MTech in Thermal Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in 2015. I have more than 2.5 year’s educational as well as industrial experience.
As a moral responsibility to aware the Indian society towards the solar cooking currently I am promoting art and science of solar cooking in various schools, colleges and villages without any fees or charge. I have not sponsored by any other organizations or NGOs. But due to my passion towards solar cooking, I conduct workshops, seminars, solar cooking festival & training program till the date.
 I developed different seven models of solar cookers particular for the educational purpose and I demonstrate that models in my training session.

Goal of the Campaign:

Generally, we are observing that our society women collect and carry fuel wood, and cook over smoky open stoves, made me want to help them find a safer way to feed their families.
Millions of women collecting firewood every day for cooking fuel cause severe deforestation. The World Health Organization estimates that hazardous indoor air pollution from primitive cook stoves causes 2 million excess deaths every year.
Solar Cookers is one of the substiute to solve the all problems regarding Food, Water and Employment opportunity in to the villages. With the help of this campaign we arrange the training session for the rural women and explain them how to make solar solar at home and use it efficiently.


1) Promote money savings for cooking through the adoption (education and training) of solar cooking, heat retention cooking and the promotion of good cooking practices, allowing to increase the availability of nutritional food for rural families;

2) Promote social business and create opportunities for employment for rural people by training young girls and children from rural families on how to build and repair solar ovens

3) Reduce deforestation for household cooking thanks to the added utilization of solar ovens

Addressed Issue:

The aforementioned objectives have been defined in order to address the issues of poverty, malnutrition and the sanitary concerns affecting the poor living in rural villages of Rajkot District, in the Indian State of Gujarat.

The use of traditional biomass fuels is wide spread in rural India. According to the 55th National Sample Survey conducted in1999/2000, 86% of rural households and 24% of urban households rely primarily on biomass for cooking that is usually over 90% of all stove use in rural areas (WorldBank2003). Most rural households burn biomass fuels (wood, dung, crop residue) in inefficient earthen or metal stoves, or use open pits in poorly ventilated kitchens. This causes very high indoor air pollution, which is detrimental to health, especially for women and children.

Implementation Phase:

First, we will give the training to the rural women regarding how to make and use solar cookers at home for the capacity of 5 to 6 persons of family. Than we will choose five women according to their ability per villages and we give spacial training to them as a trainer. Those five women take initiative to aware the all the women of villages regarding clean cooking concept. we will provide stipend for the work.

For the training session of the rural women, we provide him row materials and they will bulid their own solar cookers at that time of the training session. Than they take that oven to their home, and use it and test it for the different different food recipes.

After the two months, we will takes feed back regarding the solar cookers efficiency & suitability to their day to day life. Than finally we will provide him robust, efficient and potable solar cooker for long lasting use.

Per village we provide 50 solar cookers and over all in between five villages totally we provide 250 solar cookers for their day to day life use. after that solar cooker distribution, further we solve the queries, problems and difficulties isuue regarding solar cookers.

Than after 10 to 12 week, further we will survey regarding how many rural women regulary use that solar cookers. When we will notice that, some of the women would not use solar cookers, we will find the perticular reason for that and we will try to solve it.

After the all this training and distribution work, we will further start training session for particular solar cooker business opportunity in rural areas. We will train women about how to make different types of solar cookers and how to get materials of that in local market. We will also teach them regarding the micro finance opportunity related to this solar cookers business.

Below I talk about my solar cooking journey till the date:

Solar Cookers Training Session with Live Cooking Demo for Rural Women of Champarjpur, Ta.: Jetpur, Dist.: Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Two days workshop on “Clean Cooking Concept of Solar Cooking” with Live Cooking Demo at Kadavi Bai Virani Kanya Vidhyala, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.
Kadavi Bai Virani Kanya Vidhyalay organized two days workshop on solar cookers and invited me as a expert person. I presented more than eight different models of solar cookers for the better understanding of students. Than after I given the one live cooking demo in the presence of more than 400 girl students and all enjoyed the solar noodles together. Some of them instantly develop solar cookers after see my different models.
From that day, I believe that young students have great grasping power and dedication towards green technology. More than 400 girl students participated actively in that particular two days training session.

“Women Empowerment with Solar Cooking Festival” at Shree Kanta Vikas Gruh Girls High School, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.
“Solar Cooking Festival” organized by me at Shree Kanta Vikas Gruh Girls School, Rajkot, Gujarat, India in which more than 365 child scientist (Girl Students) built their own more than 100 solar cookers simultaneously and cumulatively cooked noodles in the same solar cookers in stipulated time of 30 min. The main objective of the solar cooking festival is women empowerment and to aware the Indian society towards Clean Cooking Concept through Solar Cookers.
More than 3 different newspaper published press notes regarding our festival. All the staff members & all girl students of school were happier after see my effort and passionate work towards solar cooking (Clean Cooking Concept).