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We are fundraising to build a mobile app that helps in bringing safety to women travellers. Join our project!
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    Ankur Sharma
About the project This is to create a safer world for everyone's future daughter,wife and all females who lives in India who go for job as teacher,engineer,doctor. For each one of those females. We are creating a mobile app to make their day to day life safer and stress free at-least from rape or sexual assault. We(me and my developer team) are creating a mobile application for making public travelling and asking support easier and available. Which can notify all around area where sos activated. Police,Friends,Relative.etc Overview. •Cab Driver Details (Photo n Previous Crime Details if any) as soon as you book cab. •User can create List Safe List, Near PS, etc •User can add unlimited SOS numbers with geo location. •Geo Fencing of Route. Point A to Point B. •Home/office/Friends house/ Anything they want to save. •User of this app will be remaining Anonymous. •Every user has Unique Id to track while on move. no name no address no phone.(We don’t save any of this in app) •All User Data Will Be saved in their Mobile. •Voice Activated. •Automatically Tracking Routes •Notify Near by PCR,PS n Safe list Number to Reach Fast. •Feedback for Non Listed Criminals •SafeList People Can also see where she reached in Map. Live. (only Safe list Number) Data for cab service providers. 1. Profile check before hiring. 2. Update feedback on any driver they want. As changes in body language, behavior, and no past incident in 300 days. 3. Updating driver details Current address/ phone numbers 4. Latest pic of driver or any occasion when he shaved his head or remove or grow mustache 5. While sending driver details to clients sending photo of driver who is coming for pickup. Backend for Govt Agencies /police •They can add more records via online login id •They can also have our monitoring system at every police station n PCR van. •They have to have a dedicate team in each PS to watch any marked suspect is on cab with passengers n going towards destination or not. •All info in PS give details of driver pic n his crime history if have any. •If the cab driver is marked green means ride is safe, yellow is suspicious, red is possibility of criminal, blinking red is danger n send force for rescue. •In case of blinking red, user app will automatically send location info to near by PS, PCR n Friends. •All geo data for PS or traffic police. Automatically send SOS •When user didn't respond feedback on route change in 10-15 •If user battery is low, and before switched off get last geo location to destination calculate time plus 5 min so user can charge her phone n end the ride by pressing "i m home" button n enter her feedback. If delayed then SOS near by PS for search. •Ending ride with feedback to make it better n safety in long term is very important Data for Traffic police. •Before giving any public commercial license permit they can check drivers records. •If any RTA officer give license who had done rape or sexual crimes in past it should be reported via public tweet to all media twitter handle n PMO n current PM n Home Ministers twitter handle. Nameofofficer n city . •So it does create a fear on all officers mind to not give anyone’s permit n also marked as red in our entire app Portal. Unique features 1. User has to take a pic of cab driver to verify. 2. We build the best image search, which can even search blur pic or low light pic keeping in mind real life scenario. 3.If route changed by cab driver it will ask app user feedback as is the user requested to change the route n wait for 10-15 sec for user feedback if user didn't respond then sos alert will go to near by PS with location info. 4. Precise geo location search. 5. User can save or delete history of previous travel. 6. No social share (fb/twitter/etc) 7. Best voice activation feature. Based on any high decibel sound Shouting for "help help" or anything "leave me" "behave yourself" etc User can define which keywords to add. 8. User will be asked to rate the ride quality is driver was drunk or misbehaved or using abusing words etc 9. All drivers related data will be saved on our server. 10. All sos info will show Geo location , user phone battery %, near by PS. One has to act now to create Rape free Future. It’s Time for Unity for Dignity. Hoping : One Day There will be only Green Light in This App. ☺ In 1st Round of Fund Raising We are going Create Following. 1. Backend System for Govt Agency,Traffic Police, Cab Service Providers. 2. Mobile App for User. As of Now We Already Started working on backend. Site will up very soon Please Give your Suggestion , your Thoughts & Feedback. <\b> For Donation : Lets Make this Beautiful Place for Everyone.

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