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Dear Friends

We announced to fight the War of Narratives last year. You contributed to AKTK's maiden project "The Silence of Swastik". And we delivered a full-length Documentary Film which can compete with a feature Film any day.

The project has 9.9 IMDb ratings and is enough to demolish the Fake Propaganda around "Swastika as a Nazi Symbol" and can be used by future generations. The film is coming in English too and it has got the attention of some politicians in the west.  

But it's time to move on and fight for some other issues in this War of Narratives and this needs ammunition.

AKTK is ready for the Next 10 Big full-length projects in Hindi and English which will break Bigger already set Narratives.

1. The book that your child read in School is none less than propaganda. But whose propaganda? and how it was executed? A gut-wrenching subject to start with.

2. The truth of the 1857 War with the British. Was it a revolution or a revolt or something else? This film will change your thoughts forever.

3. In the third subject, let's find out the truth of the Aryan Invasion theory. How did it start and reach the shores of India and divide Indians from North and South? Also Its authenticity.

4. This will be a series with Multiple episodes. the first one will be on Tipu Sultan.

5. Let's peek behind the mind of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale - Who and what created a monster. This film will be a blow to Khalistani Propaganda which we see today
 6. How did Churchill kill millions of Indians and is still a Hero in the west? Let's show the world his deeds were none less than Hitler's.

7. How the Indian Education System was systematically destroyed forever? Let's find out in this Film.

8. The Insane growth of China- In the 1970s India was growing better, But how did China take the lead, and How did India remain backward for years? Let's show the truth of socialism.

Two more projects will be covered which will be announced once the framework for them is there.

All these projects will require great expertise in different fields like :

1. Research team
2. Script Writing
3. DOP (Director of Photography)
4. Actors
5. Crew and other requirements
6. Editors and Sound engineers.
7. Purchases like Books, Templates, Graphics, etc.
8. Gateway fees and Government Taxes.
9. Travel Expenses
10. Equipment Costs

For studios like BBC, these films may cost around 5 Crore or even more. But we are going to do it in under 1 Crore- that too full length (Over 50 Minutes) documentary films.

This is our target for 2022. Once this is complete, Let's make Web Series and Films for bigger reach and to demolish bigger narratives.

Jai Hind 

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