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Help Bundelkhand farmers to sustain themselves and to rise from poverty
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There are more than 100 districts in India which are totally backward and underdeveloped. We have started our journey from Bundelkhand region as this region tops among the list.

Bundelkhand - The region of Bundelkhand comprising of 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, is situated in north-central India.
It is well-known fact that Bundelkhand region is the most backward region with a grim face of ugly poverty. Most hunger deaths are reported from the region along with farmer's suicide every third day. Lack of natural resources, poor communication, infertile land, erratic rain distribution is some of the reasons which make Bundelkhand economically and industrially most backward area in India. The people of these areas are facing following problems which are listed hereunder-

Problem- People are forced to go nearly 30 km for the basic medical facilities. (Not even a medical Store)
Solution - A medical center, a pathology lab, a medical store will be available at Srishtipath Kendra.

Problem - Lack of proper educational facilities.
Solution - An educational center equipped with modern technology will be provided at Srishtipath Kendra, with special emphasis on girl and adult education.

Problem - Water Scarcity is common as most of the ponds and wells are dried including handpumps.
Solution - We will revive and recharge water bodies with the community help.

Problem - Cattles are abanded due to lack of fodder (Annapratha is common here)
Solution - We will provide training to the farmers for cattle rearing for livelihood.

Problem - Unemployment resulting in migration.
Solution - We will provide various vocational training on a localized basis under skill development and digital education.

Problem - Lack of communication and awareness.
Solution - We will provide an information center, which will provide information about various government schemes and awareness programs will be organized on various social issues.

Problem - Legal services are not available resulting in exploitation of poor.
Solution - Legal services will be available at Srishtipath Kendra bridging the gap between the local administration and the people.
Most of these problems are man-made and can be resolved. The Srishtipath Kendra will be the first of its kind where so many facilities will be provided under one roof and will be a self-sustaining system.
Let's make Bundelkhand free from hunger, poverty, and backwardness.

SRISHTI PATH KENDRA is a social hub center where we have planned to provide health facilities (including traditional Indian medicine), educational facilities (including adult and digital education), trading and marketing of rural products, skill development for rural youth,
employment, information and communication facilities, clean water, food security, legal Aid, orphan and old age home,
village tourism, environment conservation etc. under one roof.
Single Srishti Path Kendra will provide benefits to nearly 40,000 people. Our team has done intensive research of such areas and we have come to the conclusion that these facilities are their basic requirements and their development is not possible unless these facilities are provided to them at low cost.
The Srishti Path Kendra is an initiative of Humanity Welfare Council for ground development of the backward areas of India. On this path, we have chosen the Bundelkhand region as our first phase. After the Bundelkhand region, we will be moving to the other backward areas of the nation.

Under project SRISHTI PATH KENDRA we will provide following services
  • Healthcare
  • Hygiene & sanitation
  • Education
  • Skill development
  • Employment
  • Daily essentials like food, clean water etc
  • Shelter for senior citizens & orphans
  • Information & communication services
Cost, as estimated by management, will be around Rs. 1.24 Crore which will be covered in 2 phases.
  • In Phase 1 we will acquire 4 acres of land & thereafter construct the building for Pathology Lab & Education Centre.
  • In Phase 2 we will buy Equipment for Pathology Lab, Computers & Printers, Chairs, Solar Systems & Other Equipment & will start recruiting staff for running the said project. 
Plant & Machinery required -
  • Computers - 20
  • Printers - 4
  • Chairs - 60
  • Office Elmira- 5
  • Files – 100
  • Hospital Beds – 30
  • Ambulances – 2
  • Medical Equipment
Manpower required -
  • Teachers – 5
  • Housekeeping – 3
  • Manager – 1
  • Doctors – 4
  • Nursing staff – 5
  • Ambulance Drivers -2
Land & Building
Furniture & Fixtures Including Chairs & Tables
Electrical Fittings
Hospital Beds
Solar System
Medical Equipment
                                                                               Total =

After an initial investment of Rs. 1.24 Crore, Running & maintenance cost of the project will be around Rs. 4 lakhs. As we have mentioned earlier that this system is a self-sustainable system so, the running cost is not included in the total amount.

Utilizing the above-mentioned Donations, we will be providing the following services

Health – Srishti Path Kendra is going to deliver health services through a fully functional clinic where a path lab for the clinical test will be provided. A 24/7 ambulance will be available and the treatment will be done through traditional and modern medical methods. The traditional medical methods include ancient Indian therapies like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy etc.
Sanitation and Hygiene – In this head, we will focus on clean drinking water, waste management, and garbage collection and wastewater treatment. Guidance for reducing health risk, environment-related hygiene.

Education – We will be opening a digital education center where we will be providing digital education to common people, Adult education and Moral Education. Awareness programs on health, moral values, sanitation and hygiene, environmental conservation, social issues.

Skill Development – To curb out unemployment and urban migration we will provide a training center where we will train local people in various fields and we will also train them on global market strategies and government policies so that they get the actual price of their produce.

Employment – Our own centers will provide a lot of job opportunities to a lot of people. We will be training local people in respective fields and will employ them at our various centers. Through digital centers at Srishti Path Kendra, we will also help them to access the global market where they can find better career options. As we will train them we will try to fetch freelancing job options for them in the global market.

Food Security – The backward areas of our nation have the main problem i.e. Malnutrition, we will provide community kitchen where we will focus on nutritious food availability at an affordable price.

Legal Aid – At our centers, we will educate common people about their legal rights and how they can protect themselves from legal problems. We will also bridge the gap between the common people and legal services to get these people justice.

Information and Communication Centre – We will provide information about various government policies related to rural development. We will aware rural people with their rights & duties. We will open a communication center where they can connect with their loved ones who are working overseas or in other states.

Orphan and Old Age Homes – We are providing these facilities as the old people will get a roof and orphans a home. At these centers, orphans will get the love of parents in form of old people and these old people will get children in form of orphans.

Village Tourism – Srishti Path Kendra will be developed as a tourist attraction to showcase our rich rural heritage and culture. We will promote tourism which will in turn increase sources of income for villagers.

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