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5th August 2016

Hello everyone,

This is my First UPDATE post after 25 days of my Donation Campaign launch date.

First I want to say a BIG THANK from my heart to all for helping and supporting me. I'm very thankful to those who stand with me all time day & Night online and offline and help me to share my story, my struggle to reach more people with helping heart.

It was a different mixture of GOOD & BAD experience in my life during sharing my problem to the world through social media & campaign platform.

Honestly saying, still many REAL LIFE so called friends and Relatives are not coming to me, not helping me, even they do not call me to know How am I ?? How is my Health??

there are FEW who work hard to help me in any way and I am really proud of them.

It was Eye opening and Actual realization in my life.
but still I have no complaint to anyone. Wish Good Future for all. :)
Because I understand the Nature of Human, Times and circumferences in life.

So After starting my donation campaign, I got lots of message, lots of calls from people. and Many people message and contact me to verify if I am Fraud or running Fake campaign. Many time I gave them Proof, Documents for authenticity of my Campaign.

But still I am not getting Financial Help in the Name of Donation via my Campaign. May be I'm not good in running campaign but I'm trying my level best to share it, to reach more people for help.

Even Facebook Ban me and some of my Friends TWO TIMES to share my campaign as I SPAM too much and violet their Post sharing limits Facebook groups and commenting Rules.

During my Campaign Most of people helped me with their Prayers and different type of Advice and alternative medicine to cure my Cancer that is spreading in my body.

I believe in God, understand the power of Prayer, positiveness and I am lucky that people from different corner of this world remember me in their prayer that give me strength to fight with cancer and stay Positive in very difficult times.

Many time I cried, I loss my hope, even behave very badly to my parent, my bro and sis. But I'm very lucky because still my parent and bro-sis support me, stand with me, and tolerate my bad behavior and anger, because I am not happy in my life.

Many People suggest me to try Traditional or Alternative way of cancer treatment.. like, Ayurveda, Yunani, tibbati treatment, Nature Cure, Vegan and RAW vegan.

I do not want to take any risk by experimenting these treatment on me so I researched on each and Find out that, their is NO STRONG Scientific proof and research on the these alternative treatment from any Reputed and known organisation.

There are Many people who share their PERSONAL stories and Successful Good Experience with Alternative treatment of cancer, Many are famous with their Books, Website and Blogs. But Still have NO large case studies, No major research on Large number on patient in Science. No Big research organisation support these PERSONAL treatment stories and their claims.

After my own research I come to the conclusion that Alternative treatment of my cancer is not good for me. But still somewhere in my mind, and my heart says that alternative treatment can cure my cancer.
I told my Dad to try these Alternative, because we already are not getting donation to cure my cancer. so it would be good to try these Alternative methods.

But My dad do not want to take any risk on my health and he has decided to visit some famous Ayurveda Hospital and Vaidha (Expert doctor in Ayurvedic and other alternative medicine with scientific base)

So we collected some money and first Visited to Gujarat state (to meet an ayurvedic doctor) via train which is around 1000 Kilo meter away from my location Gurgaon,

then visit Ahmedabad city, and go to Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital in Lucknow, UP. It was more than 45 hours of travel and stayed 4 days in Lucknow city.

After Meeting Some Ayurvedic Doctors in different city,
My dad took decision that Ayurvedic and Alternative treatment is not Right for me. Because Here are some MAIN reason.

*First After reading my Medical History documents and understanding how my cancer is spreading Almost all Ayurvedic doctor asked us to take Chemotherapy is best for me because Ayurvedic medicine works Slowly in body and it takes long time to cure and other side cancer is very fast and it can create next big tumor within some months.

*Second, Ayurvedic Cancer treatment is very Costly,
it is 6800 Indian rupees per day in Lavanya Ayurvedic hospital. Equal Costly to Private hospital and cure it very slow and still no guarantee to survive in time.

So Finally Me and My Dad rejected to try these Alternative Medicine and treatment to cure my cancer.

What My dad and I agreed  to follow was their DIET advice.
We are completely agree with their scientific proof of Diet advice...
which is completely RAW VEGAN. (except Bee Honey)

and Now I am RAW VEGAN.
I eat only fruits, vegetable, drink boiled water, unpolished Rice, pulse etc.
NO meat, NO Milk, NO pack junk food, NO Sweet and Sugar.

But Again...
still there is no Scientific Proof that RAW VEGAN can Cure cancer.
but Yes, it can prevent you to have CANCER disease by eating junk and garbage. but there is no proof that it can repair your advance cancerous cells.

SO Right now, I have been Following Raw veganism, what Nature Cure Expert advice me.

But We are not sure whether it will Cure my cancer..
so I am still running my Campaign to get some help from people.

I hope you guys continue support me, and help me to fight with it.

Many People Have Question Regarding my Health.


Health wise I'm OKAY, bearing same pain in my surgical areas (18 stitches of surgical area) on my right side abdomen to 11th rib bone, some pain and tumor pain in my liver side area, in surgical areas of abdomen, and in Lung side...mostly in upper lobe of lung.

My Blood Pressure in not stable, sometime it show Normal, and sometime it show around 90.

After long travel of some states, I have Viral fever, Throat Infection, Constipation and Weakness. and some time I get very upset, irritated, and behave badly because I am suffering from it for one years.

But I still have Strength to fight with cancer, run this campaign to reach more helping people. because this 5 days of travel gave me Positive experience too.

Here is Pic of me...
Visiting Khamman Peer Baba, near Charbagh station, in Lucknow city. UP state. It is Dargaah of Shareef Shah Sayyad Kayaamuddin.
Mom Used to tell the story of peer baba when I was very young.
and today at the age of 29, First time I  visited Peer baba.
I do not know how to pray there, but with the help of dad..
I prayed there, gave Chaadar on majaar, and enjoyed peaceful and positiveness in Dargaah. I hope, My god, My allah, my Jesus will surely Help me.

So, Guys..
I have given my Full and Detailed UPDATE of last 25 days.
and I request you to support me again and help me.
because I am going to start my campaign again as
I am not getting help enough to get my cancer treatment in good hospital.

So Please..
Stand with Me, Help me.

Thanks & Regards

Dev Praks.

Thank you for taking your precious time to look at my Milaap.org funding page.
I have set this page up because Now I am facing Serious Health and Financial Problem.
I am a patient of cancer and I am fighting with it to protect my health that I have been loosing gradually day by day for last one year.

1.About Me.
I'm Dev Praks (B.Dev Prakash), Freelance artist (Cartoonist & Illustrator) from Gurgaon city, Haryana and working online from home and was living very happy life with my family. After struggling for some years to become Artist, Finally I found a way to make some income through my talent, I was very happy to work for many people online and it allowed me to help my Dad financially in home and in other daily expenses.

It was my last three happy years, I was proud of myself for helping my dad by giving my hard earned money for home expenses. Even I have set up a "New Year's resolution" for my next coming year (2016)  to start my Artist work independently by launching my own website, I was also planning to Start my Own Online Charity Work (ShowHumanity.org) for helping animals & Needy People by donating some percentage of my online artwork income and other creative things and some awareness work for Animal right, Environmental awareness etc.

I had everything in my plan and was fully confident to achieve my goal in the end of 2016. But Everything Changed in my life before the starting of New Year of 2016.

2.My Story In TimeLine:
In August 2015,
First time, I felt a small lump on my Right side Abdomen area which grew fast within few days, after Few Ultrasound and FNAC test, it was still not clearly confirm the reason behind the growing Lump and Doctors advised Biopsy and refer to Surgeon in "City Surgical and Maternity Center" in Gurgaon city.

After Examination of my Lump Size, Surgeon Advised me for Surgery urgently and it will be major surgery and referred to Department of Surgery in Government Hospital AIIMS, Delhi.

In AIIMS, It took two month to get Admitted as I had faced lots of
blood Test, Ultrasound, CT scan, Bone Scan, ECG and FNAC test
and Most of Test were performed in Private Hospital Labs as there was Long Waiting list in AIIMS and I do not want any delay in my treatment. but it already took our two months and lots of money to test in private Labs.

In November 2015,
So finally Senior Surgeon Decided to perform Surgery and Admit me on 7th of November 2015. That time lump on my right abdomen was fully grown and I was feeling lots of pain, even I could not walk properly. They kept me in their medical observation for next one week and performed Surgery on 13th of November 2015. and Discharged me in same month.

But for that time I was still not aware of my disease, Doctor just
told me that it was Diagnose Malignant Mesenchymal tumor but
actual disease will be confirmed after the Lab test reports of that tumor and they showed me Pictures of tumor.

This is Blurred Image of Tumor as this pic is very Graphic for some viewer.

It was a big operation and It gave me 18 stitches on my abdomen from back rib area.

In December 2015,
Doctor gave me HisthoPathology Report and told me that the report is not Good for me. They told me that I have Cancer and it is Sarcoma.
Medical Name is Pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma.
They told me not to worry about it, Stay Positive and Strong.
and referred me to their Cancer Unit Hospital Named..
Dr.B.R Ambedkar Institute Cancer Hospital.

But It was shocking to me and my family, specially to my Mother. She was in pain and broke down after knowing that I have Cancer. She cried for many days.
It took me more than one month to come back to my normal life
as I could not walk, could not change my clothes, could not go
to toilet without anyone's help. Most of time I used to lay straight on the bed with same position even I cannot move my body on bed as 18 Stitches was cover my Right abdomen area from Back rib area and it give me lots of pain in my back bone.

In the same month of December 2015.
Doctor check my all Medical history and My Surgery and Cancer
details and told me to have Radiation therapy As soon as possible because there is possibly in spreading cancer in my body. and they referred me Safdarjung Government Hospital because There was 7 month waiting time in their Cancer hospital.

In Safdarjung Hospital, doctor again check my same medical and Surgery details and told me that they have no Special Radiation therapy machine for my treatment as General Radiation therapy Machine could be risky for my near by organs like Intestine, Liver and kidney. and they refer me to Delhi State Cancer Institute.

in 30 December 2015.
I get my Registration OPD card from Delhi State Cancer Institute.
but it took More than one month to get Number in Radiation therapy department. because I have to face again lots of Blood test, CT scan, ultrasound and half of test done by Private clinic lab out of hospital.

In February 2016,
I get my Radiation therapy Number and refer me to Radiation
Department. Where I had to take Radiation for Next 30 Days.
But unfortunately it completed in around 70 days because
of long waiting list, Radiation Machine Problem, and hospital
was facing lots of Cancer Patients.

In 25th of April 2016,
I got completed my Radiation therapy which was Very DELAYED
Treatment for my Cancer and same day Radiation Department
refer me to have Chemotherapy.

Before sending me in Chemotherapy Department..
I again face many different test for around one month and
Doctor told me that My Cancer is not completely cured,
and it is still in same surgical areas and now creating tumor near by liver and 11th rib bone. They ask me to have PET Scan from a private hospital.

in 26th of May 2016,
I got PET Scan Test from a Private hospital and show that Scan
Report to Doctor and they told me that..
That cancer is already spreading to Right Lung areas now..
It is spreading to Right Lung Upper lobe and lower lobe areas.
and they ask me to have FNAC test of Lung areas.

It was really very Painful for me and my Family to know that my
cancer is spreading to lung now. I already broke down and cry
lots that day and my family seeing me helplessly because now
I have to face test FNAC in my lung which was very painful to bear.

In 9th of June 2016,
Doctor Told me that it is not possible to perform FNAC test in lung as their is not place to insert niddle in cancerous lung areas, they Ask us to have permission for Anesthesia from Anesthesia Expert. and It took around me more than 10 days to get permission for Anesthesia and PAC and some blood test.

But, 22nd of June 2016, was very upsetting day for me because..
Doctor perform FNAC test in my lung areas without Anesthesia..
they have everything ready in CT scan room like Oxygen machine, Anesthesia expert, a machine with monitor that look like Life supporting system but I do not know why they perform FNAC without anesthesia.

In my question they just told me that there is no need of Anesthesia in FNAC. and I have nothing to say to them as they are Doctors. and experts in their Medical Field.

After FNAC test they told me, it took 3-4 days to have FNAC report. but I am still waiting for that report for last 10-12 days.

I daily visit hospital and ask for report but some doctor telling me sometime it take time to get report even more than 15 days cause of lots of Cancer patient and Hospital is already facing workload. and asked me to wait for more days.

I am still waiting.... Have No other choice!!
and Do not know when will I get my Chemotherapy.

3.About My Health:
At this time My Health is Stable but not Good, I have pain in my
surgical areas with little lump, tumor in 11th rib bone is growing
and nearby liver is very painful and some pain in my lung areas.

Now day I am taking Pain Killer Medicine only.
and my Cancer is spreading because of late treatment,
daily long travels, and I am still waiting for my medical test reports.

My Health is already in Risk and I do not know if Cancer is still
spreading in my body from lung to other areas but My Family do
not want to take risk anymore and Now My Dad and I decide to
take rest of treatment in Private Hospital Medanta which is near
by my home in my City.

My Dad visit Medanta Hospital and told the doctor everything
and show them my all Medical History of Last One years, they
told me to have admit in hospital and have Chemo As soon as
possible and Give me the cost of around 5 lac rupees. (around $7500)


4.About Financial Problem:
What we had as a small saving in our account, already finished
on my Long late treatment, lots of medical test from private hospital and labs and daily travels for around 50 Kilometers.
During this one years I have to stop my online work for many time. My Dad is 60 years old and run a small fast food shop with my younger brother but cause of my cancer treatment and daily travels. He also have to stop his food shop work but daily expense of medical and home never stop.
so during this one years my Dad borrow more than 3 lac rupees
(around $4500) from different people on per month interest
between 5 to 10 percentage. We are still facing financial problem with short money in hand.

5.How the funds will be used:
The half of funds will be used to cover my Medical treatment of Cancer and half will be used to financial support to my family and daily travels and other expense.

I humbly request everybody to support me and my family and donate whatever is possible to protect my health and future.
Every Small Contribution will definitely help me and my family.

For some reason, If you cannot contribute, still you can help me by spreading my campaign in your online-offline circle.

Much love to all and thank you so much for your kindness.

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