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  •  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day: Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time - Chinese Proverb
We often realize the value of key resources only when it is lost. Access to clear drinking water has become a challenge. Paucity of water for farming almost poses threat to our farmers’ livelihood. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned the scenario is scarier due to shrinking water supply from neighboring states. While the major irrigation source remains to be the rivers originating from surrounding states, considerable cultivable area is dependent on lakes/ponds.
What is desilting?

Over period of years, lakes/ponds get filled with mud, silt and plant materials thereby effectively reducing the water storage capacity and utility of such water bodies. When there is a large accumulation of semi-decomposed leaf litter and other organic debris, these materials tend to reduce oxygen levels leading to acidic conditions of the water stored thereby rendering the water toxic for irrigation as well as for drinking. Desilting is the process of removal of such accumulated materials to restore storage capacity and if necessary, neutralizing the soil with chemical treatment. Desilting can be done manually. But with specialist machinery and skilled operators, Aquascapers are more effective in desilting all types of lakes/ponds.

WHO are WE? 
An organized small group of friends driven by community based initiatives, but not a profit oriented organization. The gravity of the impending situation in the rural water resource management which brooks no delay for correction inspired us to embark on a desilting programme in one of the ponds in Nagalur, a typical remote village in Nagapattinam Distrct, Tamil Nadu. We did it with our own funds.
A pond spread out in 3 acres of land was desilted to the tune of 4ft depth rendering it water-receptive. It was surprising for us to note that the desilting has been done on that pond after 50 Years. We enlisted the support of the local Farmers’ Association for securing necessary legal permission from the District Collector and other local authorities concerned.
When once nature begins to laugh with rain and the pond gets filled-up with water, 250 families residing in that village will reap the benefits for years to come.
The Before and After scenario of our development programme is depicted below:
Our modus

Our modus operandi in desilting programme:
• A list of few interior villages has been prepared
• Verification in person done to assess the real situation by discussing the issues with the villagers concerned
• Prioritization of village marked so that desilting will be executed based on the funds collected
• Validation of the quotation from few of our friends who are agricultural experts
• Legal and other necessary clearances will be taken care with the help of Farmers’ Association
• Local villagers will monitor the progress on daily basis once the desilting work commences
• Payment will be done on daily basis or after completion of each pond directly to the concerned Contractor account
• Create awareness for the sustainable solution to the villagers to consciously ensuring proper maintenance of the desilted lakes/ponds
• Updating the current and after status pictures on the progress of the Desilting

What Next?
 The success of our first desilting project in the remote Nagalur village enthralled us. The success was measured not on mere physical achievement but the yardstick being the immense satisfaction we could derive by looking at the smiles on the faces of those innocent villagers. Naturally, our team got enthused and emboldened to focus on more villages in dire need of help of this sort. We have visited few of such villages, assessed their needs, validated their requirements and our journey to “help our rural folks to help themselves” took wings

Estimated Cost as below
We completed the first project with our own funds. For enlarging this noble task and spreading the message and awareness across the vast rural population, we need to seek your physical and financial participation. Your helping hands and philanthropy will go a long way in successful desilting of more lakes/ponds, a much needed step towards sustainable agriculture and quenching the thirsty rural population. We fervently solicit your participation.
For more details, please contact us

Ask for an update
16th November 2017
 Dear All

With your help and support, We are happy to inform you that desilting work for 5 Ponds has been completed. Nature has also been very kind, we have had some good rains and this has had a greater impact on filling the ponds with water.

Below are a few pics of the 5 ponds.

TherkuPanaiyur Village
Muppathikottagam Porkodi Pond
Pirinjamoolai Village
Manjavadi Village
Muppathikottagam Madhakovil Pond
Work on desilting one more pond will start once the North East monsoon is over.

We once again thank each and every one of you for all the help and contribution. This wouldn't have been possible without your support. As we mentioned in our previous update as well, If any of you wish to visit the village...please do let us know, we will provide you with the necessary contacts.

Thank you once again. Will keep you posted. 
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