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We are fundraising to help build a rehabilitation center for acid attack survivors!

About MLNS 

Make Love Not Scars, now a registered NGO, began as an idea for a documentary one year ago. The concept was simple - we wanted to make a documentary to give a voice to acid attack survivors, specifically in India. While making this documentary we discovered that there were too many acid attack survivors who had fallen through the cracks because they were not able to seek the attention they desperately required and most importantly deserved as victims of violence.

It was then that a team of young individuals was eagerly formed to obtain justice and provide support for these survivors through intervention and rehabilitation. During the making of the documentary, we helped many women. This was enough motivation to set up an organisation. Since existing (or rather, non-existent) safety nets were not in place to help the survivors, we decided to become a safety net for them.

MLNS was born with the aim to be a source of support for victims of acid attacks, regardless of their gender, socioeconomic status, culture or religion.
MLNS operates in three core areas:
a) To identify cases of acid attacks and any other of gender-based violence, to help provide the emergency medical and legal assistance required.
b) To support the rehabilitation of survivors of acid attacks and other forms of gender-based violence (including burning and rape) through need-based training and assistance for stable employment.
c) To actively work with the government and non-governmental organisations, the media and other social institutions to campaign against acid attacks and other forms of gender-based violence to help bring a “new normal” in society, where such acts are seen as archaic and condemnable.

So far, MLNS have helped 35 survivors. An example of the work we do is shown in the video above, which is the most recent campaign featuring one of our survivors, Reshma. It is an ongoing petition to end acid sale in India. 

This campaign has already received over 2, 00, 000 signatures with a combined global viewership of 1.3 million. 

Currently, MLNS operates on these three strategies without a physical space or office where team members can come together. Team meetings, discussions, organisational planning and case management of our increasing number of survivors are all done with other modes of telecommunication and social media. 

Rehabilitation Center 
The dream of creating a rehabilitation center will provide a safe haven and an efficient support system for acid attack survivors. It is aimed at being a life coping center and starting phase for the survivors to re-introduce themselves to the world. Various educational and creative classes will be set up, tailored specifically to the individuals needs, for example Brail classes for the blind, computer, music and beauty classes. All of these lessons will be a big step forward for the survivors to open up, gain confidence, explore their own talents and obtain necessary skills for further employment opportunities. 

The center will also be a space from which MLNS can run day-to-day operations more seamlessly and efficiently. It will be a contact point for different stake-holders such as acid attack survivors, legal experts, psychological counsellors and volunteers. This collaboration will allow a safe environment for the acid attack survivors to rebuild themselves and get the necessary attention they need. This space will also act as a meeting point for survivors who prefer to approach us and meet us face-to-face in their attempts to seek support or a listening ear from one of our team members. This is crucial for the psychological well-being of the survivors.

Medical support is a priority as acid attack survivors require continuous medical treatment, surgeries and care for several years. Many need immediate attention because they are at danger of losing their eye-vision. As a result of the attack and physical trauma, the survivors undergo an unbearable amount of psychological trauma as well. Their state of mind can become imbalanced, especially in India where there is almost negligible support for depressed and mentally unsound patients. This is why medical and psychological support is desperately needed by the survivors, which is what the ultimate aim of our organisation is, to empower the survivors and give them the confidence to stand on their own feet.

Therefore the money raised will be used for any necessary medical treatments, legal fees, counselling support and educational needs that will be a stepping stone into society. Most importantly, the rehabilitation centre will be a safe haven that will provide a platform for the survivors to rebuild themselves.

The center will be set up in Delhi and will be the first of its kind. All acid attack survivors are welcome, currently 15-20 survivors. 
To know where the raised funds will be spent, please refer to the table below which covers an approximate budget for a one year working model. 


Cost (rupees)


35, 000 per month

4, 20, 000

Centre Setup

A computer for lessons & admin work, second-hand furniture, air conditioning in one room (vital to prevent further infection of an acid attack wound)

2, 00, 000


To host various collective to skill based classes to make the survivors stand on their own. These classes tailored to the survivor’s needs and disabilities (e.g. computer classes, music lessons, make up tutorials, employment skills and guidance, etc.)

2, 00, 000


Professionals on a daily basis if required will provide collective and individual psychological counselling to help them in trauma

1, 00, 000

Legal Fund 

A basic legal fund is necessary to cover the initial costs to file their cases to receive the government compensation they are entitled to. We often have lawyers willing to take over the cases pro-bono however currently it is a struggle to provide the basic and initial filing costs

1, 00, 000

Medical Necessities 

Survivors, those particularly from out of town, need medical attention on a daily basis to prevent infection. We want to be able to provide basic medical necessities such as antiseptics, bandages and eye drops.

This amount will also be used to provide a basic consultation fee with a doctor for survivors who cannot afford it.

The Delhi government has passed an order for free of cost treatment but survivors still need to spend money on initial check-ups and follow-ups. A part of this cost will be to provide the funds for the survivors who require a consultation or follow-up with a doctor, but cannot afford it.

1, 00, 000


We aim at hiring 4 people. Our core members will not be taking a salary however in order for MLNS to expand and reach out to more survivors, it will be vital to employ professionals for roles such as campaign manager or survivor’s manager. 2 of these employees will be survivors themselves. This will not only help them recover in this safe haven, but it will also give them experience to obtain further employment in the future. These survivors will be trained in all workings and running of the organization.

15, 000 per month per employee:

720, 000

Chartered Accountant 

We have found that we constantly need the help of CA. Till now we have been employing a CA from our own costs. To minimize costs, we use a part-time CA (10, 000 per month)

120, 000


For the less fortunate survivors who cannot afford transportation to and from the center, for volunteers/ interns to travel for legal and medical work regarding the survivors

80, 000

Electricity and Water

12, 000 per month

1, 44, 000

Telephone Bills/ Internet

5000 per month

60, 000


A nurse will be employed to help take care of the survivors

150, 000


Daily staples (tea, milk, bread), basic toiletries (toilet paper, cleaning equipment) for the survivors 

100, 000


2, 494, 000

* Our fundraising target is less than the total amount required, however the remainder of 494, 000 will be funded by a private sponsor.   

Any donation, in any currency, small or big will help create a safe haven for the acid attack survivors. We need your help! :) 
For more information, please feel free to contact us (
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5th December 2017
Dear supporters,

We are using a part of the funds towards expenses related to an acid attack survivor Renu's upcoming treatment. As she is blind, her family wants to consult a few doctors around India which include Chennai and Dehradun. She is also facing issues with her menstrual cycle that is causing her discomfort. The funds will also be utilised for her medication.

As we do not require the funds for our center at the moment, we are choosing to allocate them to a survivor who is in need of treatment for a few things. Our centre works to rehabilitate the survivors and we would like to allocate the funds for Renu. The funds will really help her in this time of need. In due time as the funds are utilized, we will provide receipts for the same as we receive them from the survivor. You can read more about her story below

Born on the 21st of May 1986, Renu belongs to a lower middle-class family from the outskirts of Delhi. Losing her mother at the age of 13, led Renu to drop out of school and become in charge of the household work, as well as look after younger brother and sister. Their source of income came solely from the minimum wage the father earned and from the tenant living in their house.

The tenant living in their house became the family’s worst nightmare in a matter of seconds. After a few months of not receiving the rent, Renu’s father gave him an ultimatum, which the occupant portrayed to accept. On the 15th of February 2006,  the frustration of not receiving the payment led to the father asking the tenant to vacate his room, to which he agreed with no hesitation leaving the family to believe the matter had been resolved.
While Renu was washing the Bulls, the ex-tenant stood silently behind her with a mug in his hand to which she thought he wanted water as the motor was running. After asking him repeatedly if he wanted water, she received no response, finally, when she turned around towards him he threw acid on her.

This act of violence led the 20-year-old to be blinded in both eyes, deaf from one ear and left most of her body disfigured.

Make Love Not Scars
21st May 2017
Dear Supporters,

We are placing an order for equipment for the rehab centre. Thank you for your generous support.
25th December 2016
Dear Supporters, 

Make Love Not Scars (MLNS) has rehabilitated numerous acid attack survivors, thanks to your support. 

They regularly conduct awareness campaigns on the realities of acid attacks. They are continuously working towards getting the unmonitored sale of acid banned in the market. 

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. MLNS has witnessed an increase in awareness and support for acid attack survivors. 

Members of the organisation educate the survivors and teach them lessons in English three times a week. They are also taught to design jewellery. Dance classes are regularly conducted. These attempts are aimed at helping survivors develop skills to secure employment and other opportunities. 

The girls at this centre have been greatly encouraged by Reshma Qureshi’s recent spectacle at the New York Fashion Week early this year.

MLNS is working on associating with similar events and organisations that’ll help raise awareness and provide opportunities to its survivors to build confidence. 

They thank you tremendously for your support.

Team Milaap. 

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