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Tulobala Roy
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand toto rickshaw renting business

Tulobala is a 30 year old housewife from a village in Dhupguri of West Bengal. Her family comprises of her husband and two daughters. The main source of income of Tulobala's family is their toto rickshaw renting business. Toto rickshaw is a battery operated rickshaw popular in rural areas. Her husband gives his toto rickshaw on rent to a local driver. But now the toto needs some repairing and also needs a battery change. But her husband does not have sufficient money to bear the cost of repair. Therefore Tulobala wants to avai...  Read more

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Nithya Kartick
from Trichy City, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To build a toilet and access basic sanitation facility at home

Nithya is a 29-year-old woman from Trichy City, in rural Tamil Nadu. For several years now, she and her family have been making do without a toilet at home. Not only is the practice of open defecation unhygienic, it is also unsafe. Women and girls are compelled to seek out desolate areas, such as fields, for privacy; but this puts them at risk of molestation. There is also the threat of snakes and insect bites. Access to a toilet will mean privacy and peace of mind for Nithya and family. It will also mean they no longer need to wal...  Read more

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Rashmita Padhan And Group
from Dunguripali, Odisha

Purpose : To access solar lantern as an alternative light at home

Rashmita hails from Subarnapur district, Odisha. She leads a group of 5 women who want to buy solar lamps for their families. They face frequent power cuts and lose productive hours each evening. The kerosene they use as an alternative for lamps is expensive and unhealthy. Your loan will help them purchase the solar lanterns they need, and improve their productivity, healthy, safety, and savings. They have applied for a loan of Rs.1,900 from Mahashakti Foundation, one of Milaap's field partner. They intend to repay the loan in 12 mont...  Read more

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Bhuvaneshwari Balakumar
from Trichy City, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To build a toilet at home to access basic sanitation facilities

A toilet is one of the most basic necessities, yet there are millions in rural India who make do without one. Bhuvaneshwari, from Trichy City in Tamil Nadu is one such woman. Without access to a toilet, Bhuvaneshwari and her family walk long distances to relieve themselves in the false privacy of dense bushes or isolated fields. This puts them at risk of infection, molestation or attack, and even insect or animal bites. She has had enough and now wants to be able to defecate in the privacy of her home. So, she seeks a loan of Rs. 2...  Read more

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Varshaben Harishbhai Rathod
from Gangardi, Gujarat

Purpose : To access basic sanitation facility by building a toilet at home

The sanitation crisis in India is a result of poor infrastructure and lack of education. Varshaben, who lives in Dahod, in the state of Gujarat has understood the importance of having a toilet at home, but does not have the means to build one. Without access to a toilet, Varshaben and her family walk long distances to relieve themselves in the false privacy of dense bushes or isolated fields. This puts them at risk of infection, molestation or attack, and even insect or animal bites. Taking matters into their own hands, Varshaben a...  Read more

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Abiya Khatun
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase agricultural inputs for growing chillies

Abiya lives in a small village of Madarihat, West Bengal. She is a 32-year-old married woman and mother of two children (one son and one daughter). Her son is studying in class 8 and daughter is in class 2. Abiya's is a housewife while her husband Hafijul is associated with farming; he grows seasonal vegetables and crops in their farm land and sells the harvest produce in the market. In this season her husband plans to cultivate chilly because it has a high demand all the year round in markets. Chilly is used as spice in most of th...  Read more

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Mamata Panigrahi
from PRITIPUR, Odisha

Purpose : To fund the construction of a private toilet

41-year-old Mamata, hailing from the village of Sainkula in Odisha strives to provide a hygienic lifestyle to her family by building a clean toilet. Mamata, her husband and two school going children have been using the communal toilet where they run the risk of falling sick due to the unsanitary conditions. Constructing their own toilet at home with their limited monthly income isn’t feasible. Hence, Mamata is actively looking to raise capital for this purpose. Gram Utthan, a microfinance organization, and Milaap’s field partner h...  Read more

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Shefali Barman
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase jute seeds, pesticide, fertilizers and other necessary farm supply related to cultivation

24 years old, Sefali is a rural woman from Madarihat, Alipurduar district of West Bengal. She is a mother of two school going children (a son and a daughter). Sefali is very energetic, hardworking and optimistic. Her husband does cultivation in their own land which he received from his ancestors. Her husband has always worked in agriculture, learned this from his father. Sefali always strives for the betterment of her family. Being a homemaker, she also helps her husband in his agricultural activities. They mainly cultivate s...  Read more

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Banita Sing
from rajkanika, Odisha

Purpose : To renovate their toilet and access improved sanitation facilities

Banita is a 34-years-old. She is married and she is a resident of the district of Kendrapara in Odisha. She lives with her family that has 6 members. She lives in a house that has very poor sanitation facilities and all the members must defecate in the poorly constructed toilet that they have. Now she is determined to construct a toilet to put an end to their issues where they lack the facilities. She has approached Milaap’s field partner Gram Utthan to request for a loan amount of Rs. 15,000. This can enable hygienic conditions and p...  Read more

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Vimalben Bjariya
from Dahod, Gujarat

Purpose : To build a toilet at home and access basic sanitation facilities

33-year-old Vimalben from Dahod, in rural Gujarat, has no toilet at home or in the immediate vicinity.Vimalben's family is one of the millions affected by rural India's sanitation crisis. Since there is no toilet at home, she and her family are often forced to walk long distances, seeking a private spot to defecate. This is unhygienic and unsafe. Apart from the threat of snakes and poisonous insects, there is the risk of infections, molestation, or attacks as well. Seeking to improve their lot, Vimalben has applied for a loan of Rs...  Read more