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Chitabala Rabha
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase jute seeds,fertilizer,pesticides and other necessary farm supply related to cultivation

Chitabala is a 52-year-old married woman, who lives in the village Masjidpara of Madarihat in Alipurduar in West Bengal, with her husband and one son. Her son aged 25 is a Mason while Sima is a Housewife. Her husband is involved in agribusiness since 12 years. Chitabala and her son, both are literate enough to sign their name. Chitabala and her husband jointly run their agribusiness. This is the main source of income of the family. But it is difficult for them to run the family in a decent way with a small income. Thus they are pla...  Read more

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Laebeni Kumbhar And Group
from M.Rampur, Odisha

Purpose : To buy solar lanterns and light them up during frequent power cuts

Laebeni Kumbhar is a 34-year-old who hails from rural Kalahandi in Odisha. She has joined hands with 8 other women and is seeking to buy a solar lantern. Their area faces frequent power cuts. Currently, they use kerosene lamps during power cuts and the fumes are toxic. As a result, they encounter respiratory and eye problems. So, to reduce these issues, they have approached Mahashakti Foundation to apply for a loan amount of Rs. 15,200. Your loan will help them purchase the solar lanterns they need, and improve their productivity, he...  Read more

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Arati Seth And Group
from Bargarh, Odisha

Purpose : To purchase solar lanterns to reduce expenses

Arati, is a 31-year-old married resides in a small village of Bargarh district, Orissa. The area, Arati lives is plagued by power-cuts that are frequent and often stretch into long hours in the evenings. In the absence of a regular power supply, Arati's family needs access to a lighting alternative that does not eat into their savings like the expensive kerosene lamps that they currently use. Hence, Arati is seeking a loan of Rs.1,900 from Mahashakti Foundation, one of Milaap's field partner to buy solar lanterns. The lanterns will he...  Read more

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Laxmi Das
from Falakata, West Bengal

Purpose : To fund the coaching fees and other education expenses

Laxmi is a 15-year-old student of ‘Falakata Subhash Girls’ High School’ of class 9. She lives in Falakata with her parents and two siblings. Both of her siblings are also studying in school. She is the elder child of her parents. Laxmi’s mother, Saraswati is a housewife and her father Tapan is engaged with agricultural activities. But their present income is inadequate to bear the educational expenses of their three children. But Laxmi needs some books and help of private tutors to perform well in her class 9th exam. Thus as a ...  Read more

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Asha Devi
from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Purpose : To expand handicraft business of cloth printing

Asha, a 37 years old married woman, with 2 sons and daughter, lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. She has her business of handicrafts. while her husband also earns bread for the family. however with the times changing the need of money and savings running out in a flash Asha finds daily expenses difficult to cover.She is always careful to keep any monthly profit as with three young children, emergencies can happen very quickly. With her small private business, Asha has applied for a loan with Milaap's partner, Apni Shakri Seva Samithi, of...  Read more

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Jayatri Das
from BBSR-Khandagiri, Odisha

Purpose : To pay for her pre-university education fees

Jayatri is an 18-year-old girl who is a resident of the Khurda district of Odisha. She lives with her parents here and she is a student of Mahasrshee College, BBSR. Her mother Kumudini (Kumudini is pictured here with her daughter) works for a private sector and their household's monthly income is INR. 10,000. She wants to educate her daughter without any hindrance. Hence, she has applied for a loan amount of INR. 40,000 from Milaap's field partner Mahashakti Foundation. This would enable her to fund for her coaching fees, purchase the...  Read more

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Mohana Thiyagarajan
from Thalaingyaiar, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To buy products to increase the efficiency of her agricultural enterprise

Mohana, 47, hails from Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu and is a farmer by profession. She's married with two school going children of her own. The family earns an income of Rs. 10,000 of which they use around Rs. 6,000 for their monthly expenditure. Due to the tough financial situation and not much savings a month, Mohana wishes to increase her productivity as a farmer which will provide her some financial security. She requires a loan of Rs. 20,000 from Bharathi Women Development Center, Milaap's partner to buy seeds, fertilizers and pestic...  Read more

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Valarmathi Ganesan
from Vedharanyam, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To produce more crops

Valarmathi is a 43-year-old woman hailing from Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu.She is married and is blessed with a girl and a boy.Valarmathi has a household of 5 members. Valarmathi is a very hardworking homemaker and laborer. She is keen on expanding her business of farming.Valarmathi wants to purchase seeds, fertilizers, compost ,etc. Valarmathi grows paddy ,groundnut ,sugar cane, cotton, etc. She lacks capital so she has asked for a loan of Rs20000 from Bharathi Women Development Center(Milaap's partner) for expanding her busi...  Read more

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$ 340.95

Kamla Devi
from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Purpose : To expand sewing business

Kamla is a 51 years old married woman staying with her family in the district of Jaipur. She owns a small tailoring and sewing business, to earn an additional income for the family. With 4 members in the family and and a household income of Rs 12,000 per month, she's unable to save enough to expand her business to cater to the growing demand. To expand her business she needs to purchase an additional sewing machine and cloth materials. Hence she seeks a loan of Rs 25,000 to scale her business. Help Kamla succeed as an entrepreneur by ...  Read more

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Isaran Nechha
from Khagrabari, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand paddy business by increasing stock of paddy

Isaran is a 55-year-old married woman. She lives at Coochbehar district, West Bengal with her husband and two sons. She is a housewife and her husband and sons are involved with agricultural works. Isaran’s husband, Ahammad is a farmer by profession. Whatever they earn from paddy cultivation is the only source of income of their family. Their sons assist their father in work of farming. Isaran also helps them when she gets time. Now to generate more income they want to cultivate different kinds of paddy. For this they need capital ...  Read more