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Sunita Devi
from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Purpose : To expand wood handicraft business by purchasing more wood

Sunita, is a 24-year-old married woman from a small village of Jaipur district, Rajasthan. is engaged in handicrafts business using wood. She has a household of 4 members and a monthly income of INR.15,000. She wants to expand her handicraft business by purchasing raw materials like wood, chisels etc. She has applied for a loan of INR. 30,000 from Apani Sahkari Sewa Samiti, one of Milaap's field partner. She and her family will be thankful to their lenders....  Read more

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Sonamani Debsingha
from Falakata, West Bengal

Purpose : To renovate her toilet by constructing a door and repairing the walls

Sonamani is a 44 year old woman of a small village in Falakata, West Bengal. She lives with her husband who works as a farmer to sustain the family of 4. The sanitation crisis in India is a result of poor infrastructure of toilet in rural areas which puts the rural people at risk of infection and unhygienic condition.Not very different from this norm, Sonamani's toilet has temporary roofing, made with mud tiles. The walls are made with raw bricks and are on the verge of collapsing. The door in this toilet is a curtain like sheet. ...  Read more

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Sahida Khatun Bibi
from Mathabhanga, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase a battery for transportation services

Sahida is a 21-year-old woman residing in the Coche Behar district of West Bengal. Her family comprises her husband and a toddler son. The main source of income of Sahida's family is from a Toto rickshaw transportation service (Toto is an auto rickshaw operated by battery). Her husband has been doing this work for three years. Her husband is running the Toto in the nearest town Mathabhanga. But now the Toto needs some repairing and also needs to change the battery. But her husband does not have sufficient money to bear the repairing c...  Read more

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Maheswari Ravi
from Thiruthuraipoondi, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To expand her small farm

Maheswari lives with her family in Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. The family owns their own farm and cultivate paddy, groundnut and sugarcane. This provides a seasonal income for the family. But with the cost of living increasing Maheswari has decided that now is the right time to expand the farm. By investing in more seed and fertilizer she will be able to grow more paddy, groundnut and sugarcane. This will allow the family to grow and sell more crop. As Maheswari does not have any savings she has approached Bharathi Women Development Cen...  Read more

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Gudi Lalu Solanki
from Petlawad, Madhya Pradesh

Purpose : To pay for agricultural inputs

Gudi is a 39 years old married woman residing in the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh with her family of 7. She's the mother of 3 school going children. She engages in agriculture, and intends to invest in seeds, fertilizers, water machine, pipe and shovel to increase the yield of her land in this new season. However with a monthly income of Rs 15,000, it's impossible for her to save enough to buy these agricultural inputs. Hence she seeks a loan of Rs 12,000. Lend a little and enable Gudi to become a successful in this new season....  Read more

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Suchitra Roy
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To acquire the money to mend Toto rickshaw

Suchitra is a 20-year-old married woman. She is currently residing in Dhupguri situated in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. There are 3 members in her family. Suchitra’s husband drives a Toto rickshaw. He works for 10 hours a day and manages to earn Rs 9,000 every month. He provides his transportation services to residents of Dhupguri. The monthly income barely covers all the household expenses. Moreover, the rickshaw needs certain modifications and proper maintenance. Due to lack of money, Suchitra’s family is unable to f...  Read more

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Fundi Bai Chouhan
from Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh

Purpose : To expand tailoring business by buying a sewing machine and raw materials

Fundi Bai, is a 31-year-old married woman from the district of Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh. She is engaged in tailoring business. She has a household of 5 members and a monthly income of Rs. 12,000. She stitches clothes such as kurta, salwar suit, frocks, dress etc. She wants to expand her business to increase her monthly income. She has applied for a loan of Rs. 10,000 from Prayas, one of Milaap's field partner. With the funds obtained, she will be buying a sewing machine and raw materials such as needles, threads, etc. She and her fa...  Read more

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Lalita Roy
from Srirampur, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand retail clothing business by increasing inventory

32-year-old Lalita hails from Burdwan district in West Bengal. She comes from a family of 4 which is sustained by her husband's clothing business. He mainly sells sarees and different kinds of clothes like frocks, blouses, petticoats etc. during festive seasons. The monthly income of the household is Rs. 7,000 with expenses amounting to Rs. 5,400. With a well-established client base, they now want to expand their business by increasing the sales. But their meagre savings that she has makes it difficult to execute the idea. So, Lalit...  Read more

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Chapiran Khatun
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase farm supplies such as quality seeds, fertilisers & pesticide

Twenty-nine years old Chapiran is a hardworking young lady, lives in a small village in Madarihat, West Bengal. She lives with her husband and two sons. Being a housewife, Chapiran is engaged with farming works after managing her household chores. Her husband is a farmer by occupation. Her both sons are the student. Her husband grows different vegetables in different seasons in their own piece of land and sells the harvests in the local market. Chapiran also gives a hard toil to maintain their agribusiness. Mainly her husband grow...  Read more

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Jharna Bose
from Falakata, West Bengal

Purpose : To renovate toilet at home

Jharna is 46 years old. She lives with her husband and two sons in the village of Falakata, Alipurduar, West Bengal. Her kids are still in school and her husband is a farmer. At home, Jharna is worried about the condition of her toilet. The wall are breached, the roof is damaged and it requires immediate plastering. In addition to all that, the latrine pan is also damaged, making the toilet practically unusable. The water drips through the roof in the rainy season and the toilet clogs quite often. Jharna is quite tired of this problem...  Read more