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Kala Pannerrselvam
from Sannanallur, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To purchase materials for crop cultivation

Kala Pannerrselvam is a 46-year-old mother of two and agricultural laborer from Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. Her family of four lives on a monthly household income of Rs. 10,000, with expenses of Rs 6,000. Kala requests a loan of Rs.20,000 to purchase seed and fertilizer to grow crops such as sugarcane, paddy, sesame and wheat. The loan will be repaid in 18 months....  Read more

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Kalaiyarasi Rajendran
from Manachanalloor, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To access basic sanitation by building a toilet at home

Kalaiyarasi is a 36-year-old Female from Manachanalloor,Tiruchirappalli district in rural Tamil Nadu. She has a household if 4 members and is a daily wage earner. She manages to accumulate an amount of Rs. 10,000 per month. With no access to a toilet, she and her family have to walk long distances to answer nature's call in private: in dense bushes or isolated fields. In families like Kalaiyarasi's, women and girls seeking privacy often resort to waking up before sunrise to relieve themselves. These families, especially their women an...  Read more

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Parbati Das
from Mayureshwar, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase agricultural equipment and products

Parbati is a 49-year old married woman residing in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. She has a family of 5 members. She manages to accumulate an amount of Rs.12,000 per month. She realises that an increase in her income levels and control over income will ensure greater levels of economic independence. It will give her an independent means of generating wealth and becoming self-reliant in a society. This will generate benefits not only for her, as an individual woman but also her family and community as a whole through collecti...  Read more

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Chumki Das
from Khagrabari, West Bengal

Purpose : To repair toto battery rickshaw

Chumki is a 28-years-old woman. She lives in Cooch Behar district of West Bengal with her husband and two children who go to school. Her husband drives a toto e-rickshaw to earn their living. She is a homemaker who runs her family of 5 with a monthly household income of Rs. 8,500. The toto e-rickshaw is the only source of income of the family. But now it has got some damaged parts which need repairing. Due to less fund, they could not afford to repair the e-rickshaw. So she applied for a loan amount of Rs. 20,000 from Belghoria Ja...  Read more

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Jashuben Motibhai Chavada
from Morbi, Gujarat

Purpose : To procure the money to expand clothing business

Jashuben is a thirty-nine-year-old businesswoman. She operates a clothing business and the monthly returns from this business amount to Rs. 15,000. She sells baby frock, dress, skirt, jeans and other apparels in her shop. She is mostly involved in selling clothes for her neighbors and villagers. In addition, she delivers her products to nearby market. However, it is quite difficult to meet all the requirements of her family with this income. As a result, she wishes to expand her business and increase her income. Jashuben, therefore,...  Read more

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Sushila Ch
from Sega Road Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To add more items in her clothes shop

Sushila is a 39-year-old married woman living in Imphal west district of Manipur. She runs a family of five including two school going children. She runs a clothing business where she sells variety of garments. She wishes to expand her business so that she can save enough money for her children's future. She also needs more money to add items in her shop and has requested a loan amount of Rs 30,000 from Chanura (Milaap's field partner). With this money she will buy more chuni, garments, shirts, pants and tops for her shop. The loan a...  Read more

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Suchitra Roy
from Maynaguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand their tailoring business

Suchitra is 31-years-old residing in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal with her husband and a daughter. Her daughter goes to the village school. She and her husband are involved in a tailoring business where they stitch and sell garments like salwar suit, blouse, Kurti, petticoats, shirts and pants. Their monthly household income is Rs. 8,000. Now she wants to expand their tailoring business to earn more profit so that they can save up money for their daughter's education. So she has applied for a loan amount of Rs. 16,000 from B...  Read more

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Anti Ray
from Maynaguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To buy cycle vans for her husband's transportation business

Anti is a 32 year old married woman who lives with her husband and two children in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal.. Her daughter is studying in class 9 and son is unemployed. She is a homemaker and her husband is a cycle van puller by profession. He gives transportation service to the local people. A cycle van is a very common vehicle widely used in rural areas of India to carry people and goods from one place to another. Her husband’s van is rented from a local owner. So it doesn’t provide a sufficient income for the family as mo...  Read more

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Tamanna Bibi
from Baduria, West Bengal

Purpose : To fund expansion of fire wood business

Tamanna is 26-six-year-old. She lives in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. She has a family of 3 members. Her husband is involved in firewood business. She supports her husband by doing sewing works. Her monthly household income is Rs 8,500. Her husband buys timber from the villagers and after cutting the timbers sells it to the local wood mills. He sells remaining in nearby localities. Firewood is used by the rural people for cooking purposes. There is good demand for the firewood through-out the year. They wish to expand th...  Read more

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Laxmi Murmu
from Tungidighi, West Bengal

Purpose : To raise capital to expand bathroom fixtures business by increasing stock of pipes and basins

Laxmi is a 29-year-old mother and housewife. She resides with her family of 3 in North Dinajpur, West Bengal. Her husband owns a small-scale bathroom fixtures shop. He buys materials from wholesale markets and sells them in the local market. Her family has a monthly income of Rs. 6,700. However, owing to high monthly expenses incurred by the family, they have very little savings. She wants to improve their standard of living and increase revenue. For this, she wishes to expand her husband’s business. She has requested a loan of Rs. ...  Read more