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Binasakhi M
from Kwakeithel Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To help her daughter receive uninterpreted schooling

Binasakhi is a 45-year-old married woman residing in Imphal West district of Manipur. She manages a household of five including two school-going children. She is into embroidery business where she sews beautiful designs on clothes and sell them in the market for a living. She toils hard so that both her kids receives good education and has a promising future. But with a monthly income of Rs.10,000 she cannot mange both of her kids educational expenses. She needs a loan amount of Rs.10,000 for her daughter's educational needs so tha...  Read more

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Tikili Jena
from PRITIPUR, Odisha

Purpose : To renovate the toilet in home

Tikili is 38-year-old. She lives in Jajpur district of Odisha. She has a family of 6 members. She is a housewife. Her household monthly income is Rs 9,000. The toilet her family is using needs immediate repairing. The toilet does not have a proper drainage system. The roof leaks during monsoon. The door of the toilet is not proper. This causes discomfort to the whole family Also water supply is inadequate during the summer. She wants to provide a more hygienic condition to her family. She wishes to renovate her toilet. Hence she has a...  Read more

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Shanthi Vadivel
from Thiruthuraipoondi, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : to buy cattle so as to expand dairy business

Living in Thiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu, Shanthi lives with a household size of three. She is 43-years-old and a homemaker. The household monthly income is Rs. 12,500. As animal husbandry is the only source of income, she would like expand her business by buying a cattle. This would enable her to increase products of milk, butter, cheese and curd, which would later help her increase monthly income. Thereby, she requested a loan of Rs. 25,000 from Bharathi Women Development Center ( Milaap's field partner). She would be grateful for ...  Read more

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$ 119.04

Mandakini N
from Singjamei Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To fund her children's education

Mandakini is a 33-year-old woman living in a small village in the Imphal West district of Manipur. She lives with her husband and two school-going children. She and her husband run a hotel for a living. They manage to make a monthly income of Rs.10,000 from it. However, it is barely enough to cover their household expenditure. At the end of each month, her family is left with just Rs.1,500 in savings. Hence, it is tough for her to pay for her children's schooling at the start of each year. Her son and daughter, both study in primary c...  Read more

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Purnimashi W
from Wangkhei Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To expand hotel business by purchasing more ingredients and raw materials

Purnimashi, 52-years-old is a resident of the district of Imphal East in Manipur. She has a household size of 5 and a household monthly income of INR 12,000. She runs a hotel where she sells items like roti, tea, pakora, fried peas(local Indian snacks). She wants to expand this business by purchasing more ingredients and utensils to make more quantity of these items. Hence, she has applied for a loan amount of INR 25,000 from Milaap's field partner Chanura. With the loan amount, she can purchase these items from the market. She is tha...  Read more

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Rabiya Bibi
from Shantipur, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand her handloom business

Rabiya Sekh is a 23-year-old woman living in a small village in the Nadia district of West Bengal. She lives with her husband, daughter, and relatives. She and her husband run a handloom business for a living. They purchase cloth and threads from the wholesale market and make saris on their handloom machine for sale in the local market. They manage to make a monthly income of Rs. 6,900. But after their household expenses, her family of 5 is left with just Rs.2,500 in savings. Hence, Rabiya wants to expand their business to make a bett...  Read more

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$ 120.47

Sangeeta A
from Kwakeithel Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To expand poultry business

Sangeeta is 42-year-old. She lives in Imphal West district of Manipur, She has a family of 5 members. She owns small poultry business to support her family. Her monthly household income is Rs 10,000. She rears chickens in her poultry. She sells the chicken to the local wholesalers and retailers. Also in the local weekly market. She has good demand for her chicken. She wants to expand her business. She needs to buy more chickens and good quality feed for them. This will help her increase the sell. Hence she has applied loan of Rs 20,00...  Read more

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Madhuben Ranchodbhai Parmar
from Wadhwan, Gujarat

Purpose : To procure the amount required to purchase weaving supplies

Madhuben Ranchodbhai is a 53-year- old married woman and a mother of two girls. Madhuben manages all the household chores as well as operates a weaving business. Madhuben buys threads from the market to weave a variety of clothes. The monthly income from this business amounts to Rs 20,000.The monthly expenditure amounts to Rs 16,000. This makes it difficult to sustain all the family members. However, Madhuben wishes to expand her business to increase her profit margin. Henceforth, Madhuben seeks a loan of Rs 25,000 from Prayas, ...  Read more

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$ 121.85

Sumita Oraon
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To acquire the loan to purchase farm supplies

Sunita is a 34-year-old married woman. She resides in a small village in Alipurduar located in West Bengal. Her family comprises three members. Sunita ‘s husband is the owner of a farmland, where he grows hyacinth beans. Her husband sells his produce in the local market as well as in his locality. He manages to earn Rs 9,000 on a monthly basis from this business. The monthly expenses amount to Rs 6,000. He wishes to expand his business by cultivating more hyacinth beans on his farmland, but due to lack of capital is unable to do so...  Read more

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Keinaton N
from Kwakeithel Branch, Manipur

Purpose : to expand her catering business

Keinaton is a 51-year-old married woman living in Imphal, Manipur. There are 7 members in her family and they have a household income of Rs. 10,500. She and her husband have a small store of their own where they serve lunch and dinner to the people of Imphal. She helps him during the day to save up money spent on staff. They now wish to expand. So, Menaka has applied for a loan amount of Rs. 30,000 from Chanura, one of Milaap's field partners. This loan amount will be used to procure more raw materials for the ingredients of the d...  Read more