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Manoyara Begam
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To cultivate potatoes and expand agribusiness

Manoyara Begam is a 46-year-old mother of four and housewife from Dhupguri, West Bengal. Her household of six lives on a monthly income of Rs. 10,000, with expenses of Rs.7,000. Her husband is a farmer and runs an agribusiness, selling his harvest at a wholesale rate. Manoyara supports her husband in the reaping and harvesting process. The couple would now like to grow and sell potatoes to cater to an increased demand for them. They request a loan of Rs.40,000 to purchase fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, etc. They hope to earn a bigger ...  Read more

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$ 259.78

Tamilarasi Vaithiyanathan
from Nannilam, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To purchase farming supplies to expand an agricultural home enterprise

48 year old, Tamilarasi, hails from Thiruvaur in Tamil Nadu. She is married with 1 child. Tamilarasi contributes to the family’s monthly income of Rs.12,000 through her agricultural efforts, working on her land. She believes there is an opportunity to increase her crop but with limited funds to invest, she is seeking a loan of Rs. 20,000 to purchase fertiliser, paddy, seeds for groundnuts and sugar cane. Help Tamilarasi maximise her land’s earning potential and in doing so, give her family a better life....  Read more

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$ 287.46

Safija Bibi
from Srirampur, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand their micro enterprise growing and selling flowers

Safija is from Palashfuli, a small village in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. She is married and her husband operates a small scale business selling flowers. However, the income derived from this is insufficient to meet the needs of her family. As a result of this deficiency, Safija wants to help expand her husband's business. She has received adequate training from Gram Bikash, Milaap's field partner to grow and sell flowers. Safija requires funds to make the above expansion happen. She needs a loan worth 20000 INR and this...  Read more

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$ 291.58

Vijaya Rajendiran
from Nannilam, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To purchase farming supplies for an agriculture business

Vijaya, pictured her, is 37 years old. She is married with 1 child and lives in Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. Vijaya’s family earns a modest income of Rs.12,000 per month, with little money to spare after household expenses. Vijaya works as a labourer in her own land. She is seeking a loan of Rs. 20,000 to buy farming supplies such as paddy, seed, fertiliser and pesticides so she can grow a good crop of groundnuts, sugarcane, cotton and rice. She will reply the loan in 18 months and is grateful for the help and support so she can mak...  Read more

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$ 227.29

Kabita Roy
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To boost potato cultivation

Fourty-seven year’s old Kabita lives in Dhupguri of West Bengal with her husband and a teenage daughter who is presently in class 10. Kabita is a housewife and her husband is a farmer. Her husband cultivates seasonal crops on their own piece of land. Kabita helps her husband in farming activities. They give hard toil to maintain their agribusiness. Mainly they grow paddy and potatoes in their farmland. Since this season is very beneficial for the cultivation of potato and also potato is a very demandable crop throughout the year in W...  Read more

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$ 214.52

Yasmin Faridkhan Pathan
from Wadhwan, Gujarat

Purpose : to facilitate access to safe sanitation by rebuilding toilet

Yasmin is a 41-year-old mother of 2 and bandhna (traditional dress) maker who understands the importance of sanitation. Her household of 4 share a modest home in Surendranagar, Gujarat. She and her daughter suffer the need to relieve themselves early in the morning at isolated fields in seek of privacy. They are hence at risk of infections, insect bites and molestation. Apart from her contributions, her daughter works in a factory and her husband is an auto driver. The household has very little savings after basic monthly expenditure...  Read more

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$ 153.41

Mukta Saha
from Shantipur, West Bengal

Purpose : To repair toto e-rickshaw

Mukta is 27-years-old residing in Nadia district of West Bengal. She is a housewife and has a school-going child. She runs her family of 5 with a monthly household income of Rs. 8,500. Her husband is a toto rickshaw driver. He provides transportation services to the villagers with his toto e-rickshaw. But the e-rickshaw now need repairing as some of its parts got damaged. To repair the damaged parts they do not have enough funds so she applied for a loan amount of Rs. 15,000 from Gram Bikas Kendra, one of Milaap's field partners t...  Read more

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$ 331.85

Radha Sarkar
from Falakata, West Bengal

Purpose : To cultivate paddy and expand agribusiness

Radha is a 30-year-old housewife and mother of one from Alipurduar, West Bengal. The family of three lives on a monthly household income of Rs. 10,000, with expenses of Rs. 7,000. Her husband is a farmer and grows paddies along with other seasonal crops. Radha requests a loan of Rs.40,000 to support her husband’s agribusiness and earn more profit to secure a financial stability for her family. The loan will help purchase paddy seeds, fertilizer and cover other resources such as labor cost, tractor cost, etc. and will be repaid in 24 m...  Read more

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$ 334.12

Sukanti Rout
from rajkanika, Odisha

Purpose : To expand fish farming business

Sukanti is 34-year-old. She lives in Kendrapara district of Odisha. Her household size is 6 and she has a child who goes to school. She is involved in fish farming and contributes to their household monthly income of Rs. 16,000. Now, she wants to invest more in her fish farm and expand her business to earn more profit. So she has applied for a loan amount of Rs. 50,000 from Gram Utthan, one of Milaap's field partner to buy fingerlings and yearlings for her fish farm and also some vegetable seedlings to grow around the pond area. Sh...  Read more

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$ 323.10

Rabinara Begam
from Madarihat, West Bengal

Purpose : To purchase agricultural equipment and products

Rabinara is a 29-year old married woman residing in the village of Alipurduar district of WestBengal. She has a family of 5 members. She has 3 children pursuing formal education. She manages to accumulate an amount of Rs.9,000 per month. She realises that an increase in her income levels and control over income will ensure greater levels of economic independence. It will give her an independent means of generating wealth and becoming self-reliant in a society. This will generate benefits not only for her, as an individual woman bu...  Read more