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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Milaap. Welcome to the Milaap community. We have 4 kinds of volunteer opportunities, and then there's the Fellowship program. The details of these opportunities are provided below. You can go through these and let us know which interests you, so we can take this further.

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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer editors

 Typically, you would be writing and editing our borrower stories. More details about this are here: Volunteer program details.  Once you complete a volunteer Test, you would join us as a volunteer editor for a minimum of 3 months. Most of our volunteer editors stick on much beyond 3 months, though. As you get good at this (typically takes about a couple of weeks), a single loan review and story can take all of 15 minutes. We have volunteer editors who take on 3-6 stories a week, but you can opt to do more. We have 40 open slots for this, and are focusing our energy on getting more volunteers for this position so we can help more borrowers reach their funding goals.

Guest bloggers

A guest blogger volunteer writes and publishes one blog post a week, or at the very least 2 a month. You can pick the topic of your choice from our Content Plan that's shared with all our blogger volunteers each month. Or, you can come up with any relevant topic of your choice. There's a broad Framework we’ll provide for the kind of posts that can go up on our blog. But the Framework is just that: it's not meant to be restrictive. If our guest bloggers want to write a piece that doesn't fit in with the Content Plan or Framework, they certainly can do so. We encourage guest bloggers to write at least 2-3 loan stories a week like the volunteer editors so they stay in touch with what's going on at Milaap (new causes and partners, borrower trends, etc.). A typical blog post can take anything from 3 hours to 8 hours with all the components (content, images, social media share text, etc.) depending on which Framework category it belongs to.

Grant writers

 We're taking on a very specific set of volunteers as grant writers. The requirement is strong language and research skills, maturity, business acumen, and the ability to tailor your writing to address different specific audiences. You would be writing grant applications for Milaap. Some of our grant writers alternate with the other 3 volunteering options, depending on the hours they would like to volunteer per week.

Lead Editors

 A lead editor is someone with flawless writing and grammar skills, and a thorough knowledge of the standards and guidelines provided to volunteer editors. Lead editors commit to a minimum of 1 hour a day or 4 hours a week (some do even more) reviewing the loan stories written by our volunteer editors, making changes to ensure compliance with guidelines, checking the loans for inconsistencies, and setting them to publish status on our workflow engine. In addition to these responsibilities, lead editors also write 2-4 stories a week. A short stint as a volunteer editor is necessary

The Fellowship Program

The Milaap Fellowship is a full-time position designed to increase Milaap’s impact and to offer volunteers from all over the world a one-of-a-kind insider experience. Milaap Fellows will be posted with one or more of Milaap’s trusted Field Partners and help them in improving their processes, visit borrowers on site and collect stories and updates from the field. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Fellows, you can download the detailed description here:  Fellow job description. This program will allow you to be posted for 3 months in one of the regions where we work with our partners. 

Let us know which of these volunteer opportunities interests you, so we can take this to the next level. You can specify your choice in the application form below.

You can also take a closer look across milaap.org, and if there is any other way you see yourself contributing as a volunteer, do let us know; we'd be glad to consider your offer.

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