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Help 65 Years Old Rani Survive With Self Respect

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19th September 2016
Rolling out !st Phase :
1 * An Evening Meeting with the Villagers and Village Panchayat head who frequents this Tea Shop ,discussing with the what we plan to do  and asking for assistance in regards to Labor and raw material procurement .2* Rani sits at the the patio completely dazed and oblivious as to whats going on as small quantity of Groceries is being delivered by the wholeseller to her house This is Trial amount to check the response to sales of groceries from her shop,we would like to monitor the Villagers buying pattern in regards to Quantity,Quality,goods which sells fast and those that would move slow before buying her stock in larger quantity. With all Your Kind Support and Love we are approaching our Campaign Goal and Once again we would like to sincerely thank You All from bottom of our Heart  in extending your Help and keeping us in your prayers.
TOGETHER we Would Make this Mother's Remaining Life much better and Dignified .

Rani Mandal is 65 years old. She is married and has a son who works as a cook with a restaurant in UAE ,however he left home deserting his 85 years old Father and Mother. She now sells Tea, Biscuits and Groceries from her small Shop in the village of Baliura, Krishnanagar(West Bengal, India) to survive. She suffers from partial renal failures irrespective of which, she has been running this small shop for the past 6 years.

Rani is a very hardworking woman and has a compassionate & caring personality. Everyday she wakes up at 4 AM to open her shop to sell Tea and Biscuits to villagers and locals throughout the day. She finally close the shop late at 10 PM.

How Your Contribution Will Help Her:
With your help, Rani will be able to renovate her shop which has almost collapsed from heavy torrential rain. The shop's floor also needs to be cemented as there are rats that dig in to the shop from the adjacent paddy fields. Any additional funds left will also help her buy more groceries to sell. She has a steady line of local customers and her sales will soar with more items to sale. This renovation will help keep out the rats and then she could also sell rice, flour, sugar and other items.

Her shop is located in a good area close to a highway and her primary customers are locals. She sells tea and snacks in an open-air temporary sitting arrangements adjacent to her house.

She has been working hard to provide for her family and to bear the medical expenses of her husband and herself while also arranging food for themselves.

Your support and contribution will help Rani continue having a fixed source of Income that is required to take care of her and her family.

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