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Help me Create Community for Blood Donors & Seekers Across Globe & Save Million Lives without worrying about Money.

According to a survey conducted by WHO 52% of blood donation is voluntary and rest 48% is either paid or done by family members.
Few facts about blood donation camps:

  1. 100s of Blood Donation camps are organised across the country, but does the person in need always gets the blood on time? 
  2. For every donation in a camp, you are given a donor card valid for a year, but after that it is useless. Even if you present the card, you are never assured of immediate blood
  3. O- (Rare and Universal donor) blood can't be stored for more than 24 hours, still these camps don't stop O- donors from donating. 
  4. What if the donated blood is later sold to the hospitals or someone rich who is willing to pay any figure for it? Hospitals hardly organise any donation camp but still they have blood available. How do you think they get it?
  5. "48% is either paid or done by family members". So, what happens to that 52% donation, where does it go & why does hospital charge for blood?

Save Life Donate Blood
Considering above points, I decided to build an application/website to help people donate/request blood in need without paying a single penny for this process. Be it rich or poor, people can request for blood in need 24 X 7. This way hospitals/donation camps won't be able to sell bloods and lot of lives would be saved on time. There would be no middlemen in the process and people would communicate directly with the donor or requestor for their blood requirement through the portal.

Completion Target
6 months

  • Website portal
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Phone Support for poor
How do I plan to use Funds?
  • Hire people who would help me build portal for
    • Mobile
    • Website
  • Hosting costs
  • Miscellaneous costs
  • Marketing expenses to promote concept & bring people in to register as donor
Cost Estimate
Main cost would be incurred in developing the project that includes hiring developers for different platform. Since, I would also be managing some of the tasks along with team & have a spare pc to provide, I haven't added that in the cost.

Developers Cost (6 months)
Website (2)                                       = 1,20,000
iOS (2)                                               = 1,20,000
Android (2)                                       = 1,20,000
Equipments (Rental/Used)          = 60,000 approx.
Hosting (1 year)                             = 15,000
Misc.                                                 = 15,000
Total                                                 = 4,50,000

What's in for Contributors?
Well, I Thank you from bottom of my Heart for taking time to support our project. I will make sure that every penny counts & will dedicate a special page for all donors

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