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6th June 2016
Today was a big day for Madhan. Finally his chest tube has been removed and the surgeon has fixed his shunt operation for 3rd week of June. The dye study showed that the hole in the food pipe has almost healed but for a very small defect which will likely heal by itself . Good news is he doesn't need an operation for that hole now. He can go for the shunt surgery and everything goes well we might be able to go home by the end of this month.

Thank you everyone for the help and prayers. Madhan has started  enjoying his hospital stay now. When his feeding pump alarm goes off indicating that it needs a refill , he tells his mother to start preparing his next milk feeds and doesn't stop saying it until she makes it .His antibiotics have also been changed to oral now  ,so his iv line will also be removed soon.

We can't wait to see him go back home and the doctors and nurses taking care of him are excited too.

I am a  salesman in a medical shop, belonging to a lower middle class family in Maduravoyil, Chennai .My sister is married to a coolie and is struggling to support her  2 year old boy ,Madan Raj; who has been admitted in Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS trust Hospital in Nungambakkam,Chennai ,Tamil Nadu for the last 2 months .The first 2 weeks were spent in critical condition in ICU. after he was admitted  with hematemesis( vomiting blood) .He has been diagnosed with a rare condition called extra hepatic portal vein obstruction complicated by chylothorax (leaking of fluids to chest)  , esophageal perforation (hole in feeding pipe)  and esophagopleural fistula(connection between feeding pipe and space around lungs). Doctors have recommended splenorenal shunt surgery ( surgery which needs specialized expertise almost  similar to liver transplant) after healing of his esophageal holes. We have not been able to discharge him home because he needs hospital care for continuous chest drain , special tube feeds ,iv antibiotics and recurrent blood transfusions. Doctors suggest he needs at least 2 weeks of antibiotics from now . Then he will need surgical repair for esophageal hole followed by the operation for portal vein obstruction. The overall expenses including hospital bills and medicines already has crossed INR 5,00,000 which i have tried to meet by taking loans . The estimated cost of the two surgeries is INR 2,50,000.  Other expenses including medicines and ICU costs ,blood transfusions will come to  INR 2,00,000. Please help our Madhan come back to normal life .

If you want to send directly to hospital account please transfer the money to the hospital online account mentioned below and send an email to mentioning the amount and the name Madhan Raj-667800

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