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22nd April 2016
Dear Supporter,

We have great news to share. Diyasree is showing good progress. We spoke to Diyasree's aunt, Nithya and here's an update from her

Dear All,

Diyasree completed 6 months after her transplant. She is making good progress. She was under observation all these months and still visits the hospital regularly. He had some rashes and mild reactions at times after the transplant as her body was adjusting to the new blood cells developing.

Diya has put on some weight due to the medications. But her parents are happy that they can see her free from the disease. One day, we were surprised to hear this from her:

(Translated into English)
 "Actually, I feel happy nowadays. I don't have to be in pain from blood transfusions. I used to stop crying those days because amma was feeling sad. It was really painful. Now I am happier."

I felt our Diya has grown up all of a sudden when we heard these words. I cannot explain how happy our family is now. Few months ago, we were worried that we will lose our Diya. Now we are planning on her education and life ahead. We are grateful to you forever.

Diya will be visiting the hospital  regularly for checkups. We will share more updates soon. The photo below was taken when she visited me last time. She insisted I keep the photo as my mobile wallpaper and I did.

Why am I fundraising?

I seek your help in saving my brother's four year old daughter who is diagnosed with THALASSEMIA MAJOR. She needs STEM CELLS TRANSPLANTATION immediately. 
We require 30 lakhs for the transplanation.

Two major consequences of the genetic defect of thalassemia are severe anemia and expansion of the bone marrow in the body’s effort to produce more red blood cells. This leads to poor growth, impaired physical activities, facial and other bone deformities, fragile bones and enlargement of the liver and spleen. If left untreated, it will lead to death within the first decade of life.

My brother is an auto driver in a tiny village called "Solar" near Erode who belong to lower middle class family.It is only with the help of philanthropic people like you, we can meet the huge expenses and save our lovable little girl. We seek your help - however small it is, it will be a moral support for us. I have attached the estimation letter from the hospital below.

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