26th March 2017
Dear All,

Yazhini shree completed her first month of chemotherapy and the test done at the end of first month to find out her  response to treatment  was not satisfactory and so she was given intensive treatment in the 2nd month  and the test done at the end of 2nd month of treatment showed that her disease is under control.  Currently she is in the third month of treatment .

She had become  very chirpy   and talks a lot while she stays in hospital . She is now  very friendly with the nursing staff and doctors and her favourite play at home is giving injections to her mother and relatives.

Though we cannot reduce  the pain and  suffering of the mother who has to see her child forego her normal childhood fun and play,  the donors have done an remarkable job  by contributing to her treatment and had relieved her financial worries.

We now see a smiling child and a smiling , relieved mother who is eagerly waiting to see her child return to her normal routine .

Thanks to every one who were a part of this noble cause.

- Dr.Snehalatha