11th September 2017
Dear Supporters,

Miracle home is doing well thanks to so many kind hearted supporters contribution and very importantly, their heartfelt good wishes.

I copy -pasted over 600 unique wishes running over Four A-4 sheets , and handed it over to Sivaji and Prema in order to convey the profusion of support they have! They were moved by these heartfelt wishes and it has refueled their motivation to do more for existing kids especially in supporting their education and special skills and to take new children.

1. Three new kids:
Three new kids have found Miracle Manna their home a few days ago! Their story is very typical of how many other kids have come to Miracle home in the past. The mother of the three children had passed away some time back and their father was taking care. Prone to heavy drinking he too passed away recently. Their grandmother got these kids into begging to support them and herself. By the grace of God, their aunt who came to know of this stepped in, picked them up and was in search of orphanages to put them. After visiting many, she found in Miracle home, a loving environment for her to place these kids!

2. Building skills - The journey from security to self-confidence & self-worth:
We requested knowyourstar.com (please see their website) to come and see if they would like to work with Miracle kids. Happy to tell you that they came 2 days ago and spent their time in evaluation and assessment. Jaideep Rao, the co-founder has promised to get back on their involvement and way forward. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one and hope for their agreement to work with Miracle kids!

We have a couple of kind hearted neighbors who have agreed to teach English and Math, and other, life skills to kids over the week end.

3. Building a buffer for a new location!

Miracle home has been in the current location for 7 years now, but recently the landlord has indicated that he is looking to sell the land which houses the Home and has indicated he will give a couple of months of notice once he finds a buyer! The landlord has also sought an increase in rent advance. The After the initial shock, we are bracing up !...  Sivaji is looking for an alternate place preferably for a long term lease to have stability and certainty, say 10 years. Expected lease deposit for 10 years for a new location based on current inquiry is Rs.30 lakhs. However, what is available after planning for immediate expenditure will be Rs. 6 lakhs which we would like to keep at hand. Hopefully, additional donations from Milaap and other sources will make up this! So please treat this as an appeal!

Immediate non-regular expenditure is Rs.70000/- for Rental advance increase to current landlord and Rs.30000/- for fees of Marina, Miracle's first kid who is doing her 2nd year BBA!

Please see attached file for utilisation plan for withdrawal request.

Heartfelt thanks to all from Miracle home!

God bless!