23rd March 2018
 Dear supporters,
Here is an update on Miracle Manna-

Miracle Children’s home:  From One year of support (2017-18),  Onto the Next (2018-19)
  • Progress areas :
  • Bringing sustainability to orphanage committed to love, care, values and education of children.
  • Identifying critical gaps in nurturing and care due to resource constraints, determining financial cost of sustainability and bringing commited supporters for the cause.
  • Establishing system of accounting for spends/receipts tnat is open for inspection
  • Mentoring orphanage towards its goals and robust systems.
  • Providing regular updates on progress of home and kids for higher accountability to donors.
  • Moving beyond sustainability: identifying child wise intellectual capability; in order to create home-based plans and selection of appropriate school for kids
  • Healthier and more confident 23 kids than they were a year before; building capacity of the parents to run home in an enhanced way.
  • Spends 2017-18:  
  • A month-wise summary based on detailed accounts maintained by Miracle home from June 2017 in in Annexure 1.
  • An executive overview of Spends and Sources:
  • Annualised spend level of Rs.16.7 L  can be divided into 3 broad categories – Spend that ‘Provide Sustainability’ of Rs.6.6 L (40%), ‘Provides Purpose’ i.e, education of Rs.4.6 L (28%) and ‘Supports efficient running’ of  Rs.5.5 L (32%).
  • Towards relocation of home through the approach of medium-term lease of 7-10 years, Rs.35 lakhs has been sought as supplemental fund raise; Rs.10 lakhs has collected has been placed as FD in the bank.
  • Priorities for 2018-19:
  • Child-centred education plan & increasing overall learning capacity: Education being a driving purpose, identifying current level of competence, placing children in different schools based on capability, targeted tutoring and introducing proven interventions that increase learning capacity will be a thrust area. This will increase ‘School and education’ costs significantly, and we will have to find new supporters for this.
  • New Location for Miracle home:  A separate update for this was posted on Milaap to build a fund as mentioned above.  Based on donations at Milaap, an FD for Rs.10 L has been kept aside. Balance amount of Rs.20 lakhs is required to be raised for re-locating home.
  • Spend estimate for 2018-19:
  • Overview of Spend plan and estimated sources:
  • Without Re-location cost, the running cost estimate for Miracle home for 2018-19 is Rs. 18.5L, a 11% increase our current rate. Sustainability Spend estimated at 7% increase and Education at 20% increase.
  • The reason for the jump is the higher nourisment cost due to daily milk, separate breakfast  dish (not same as lunch), little more variety in food than just rice daily, more regular use of hygiene elements like shampoo and having a help for chores.
  • Including Home re-location cost, Rs.38.5 lakhs (Rs.20 lakhs balance for re-location and Rs.18.5 lacs for regular running of the home) is required for the year 2018-19.
The parents and kids are ever grateful for your support, wishes and encouragement. Miracle Home has made a small video of just over 1 minute that captures self-expression of kids about their life and dreams, and their gratitude for your support. Kindly watch the video. Also the photo of the kids "getting ready" in front of a single mirror !
Looking forward to a continued commitment and support from Milaap into 2018-19. 

God bless!

Venkatesh on behalf of Miracle Home, March 2018