17th February 2018
Dear Supporters

Miracle home and kids celebrated a joyous Christmas and new year with kids getting new dresses that so dearly long for !! Early February, virus fever that is doing its rounds in Bangalore, laid flat most of Miracle kids and Sivaji, so much so, it resembled a hospital ward! This is fine just now.

1) Tutoring help beginning to show results:
In the last update, I had mentioned that we took a plunge in seeking Tutoring help of a lady for 8 kids between class 4 to 7, who were very behind in learning. This lady, by combining tremendous persistence with the knack of teaching them concepts in Kannada and then in English (all kids go to English medium school) has slowly broken the resistance of these kids! They are now talking to her in faltering English while picking up concepts in sciences and social studies. Indeed, we have a way to here; but heartening to note that this initiative is working!

2) Knowing the joyful mind of Miracle kids:
We did a simple exercise to understand the interest areas of kids from the Dreams they like to pursue, to what they want at their Home, to what they like and dislike doing at Home and school.

Here is a sample of heartwarming findings:
# Dream to pursue encompass- Social service to becoming a top Drummer, to build a big hospital to become a doctor, to join the Army and to be a teacher.
# The only thing kids want at their Home is a TV-cable connection with Cartoon network!
# Helping others, kindness and speaking the truth are the values that kids like to lead their life with.
# They love their home; doing different things together as brothers and sisters give them the greatest joy!
# Music, singing, dancing and Reading are the top hobbies.

The final exams are coming on March 15th. Do wish them well for the exams!

I am attaching a few items for your reference:
- Expenses for December 2017 and January 2018 have been higher than the regular expense of Rs.1 lakh due to new dresses and purchase a larger capacity fridge. Will need to withdraw around Rs.2 lakhs for Feb-March expenses.
- Funds flow in has been slower in recent times. Our attempt to save for new location shift still has a long way to go.  Here is a sincere request on behalf of Sivaji, Prema and Miracle kids to Milaap supporters to do their best for your kindness is critical to sustaining their progress!

God bless!