18th August 2017
Dear Supporters,

1. New Bathroom-cum-Toilets for Girls and Boys
Miracle kids finally got spacious and neat bathroom rather than having to bathe in what essentially was a (Indian) toilet room till now !! The Bathroom-cum- toilet room - one each for Girls and Boys - is approximately 6 feet by 4.5 feet, with a bath area and an Indian-style toilet seat.

Walls are made of stone and cement masonry, flooring is of cement and the roof is an asbestos sheet. These rooms are located just being the residential portion, within the compound wall. New sanitary pipelines were drawn out from these bath-cum-toilet rooms to the main sanitation point in front of the residential portion.

Seen by them as a very significant step in their well-being, Sivaji, Prema and Miracle kids are deeply grateful to Milaap donors that have made this possible !!

2.Healthier and Brighter kids: First ever Independence day celebrations Miracle kids are looking healthier - thanks to Milk (they did not have it earlier), a separate breakfast menu (rather than the same food for breakfast and lunch) and a more regular intake of vegetables, pulses, and eggs.

Miracle home and kids look brighter too, thanks to a material change of their home - Distemper and painting after many years, cleaner clothes - thanks to a new washing machine, kids learning cycling thanks to some cycles gifted by certain donors and an improved confidence in kids. This was in evidence at the first ever celebration of Independence day that Miracle home had a few days ago, where from the Welcome speech, Speech about Indian flag, Patriotic songs, and Vote of thanks were all done by kids.

3. The journey from security to confidence 
Miracle kids have moved from insecurity to security, from neglect to being cared for. Now they will be encouraged and supported to start the journey of self-confidence and self-worth.Towards this, along with Sivaji and Prema, a small template has been made, building from the last year’s progress report card of Miracle kids.

Broad Action Plan


  • Music lessons were started out in Summer vacation and are going on. 
  • Prema has started ‘Conversation Time’ to get kids to be confident in expressing themselves
  • Sivaji has started ‘Values session’ to build a value anchor in kids
  • Sivaji’s and Prema’s daughter, who has completed BBA, is spending her full-time in kids’ day to day academic support
The new school has thrown a challenge in terms of infrastructure and text books have just come. But that is part of small challenges that come from any family.

Sivaji and Prema are fully aligned to commencing the journey, which will need new support and skill, involving commitment, expert, assistance and money. Miracle home is showing enthusiasm as it starts this journey!

Thank you for being a part of it!