2nd November 2016
Dear Supporters, 

I am Uthra Nagarajan, an Open Fellow with Milaap. I had the opportunity to meet 4-year-old Kanganna and her family at their rented stay in Royapettah, Chennai. Playing with the sand outside when I arrived, Kanganna dashed in and hid behind her mother. 

Well-cared for by her mother, father, and grandmother, Kanganna is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. “It has been a month since the sessions started. Chemo sessions are twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays.” said Bhanu, Kanganna’s mother.

The family will reside in Chennai for at least nine more months to complete the treatment plan. After that, fortnightly or monthly sessions will take over. 

Apart from the chemotherapy sessions, Kanganna takes medication as well, including a syrup to treat side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. “She is responding quite well to the treatment,” smiled Bhanu. “She has actually become naughtier after the treatment began and has become good friends with the hospital staff.” 

The family spends Rs 2,500 for accommodation and some more for food from outside, as they can’t cook. “But we have requested for a room with a kitchen and we will get it soon,” explained Bhanu. Kanganna’s parents have spent around Rs 1.5 lakh until now for her treatment and are hopeful of a speedy recovery.