9th August 2016
A big thank you to all the lovely folks who've helped this campaign take off so soon and so fast! We're overwhelmed by how many of you have contributed, and how many have reached out to know more. We will be posting daily updates here on what's happening on the ground so you can join in this journey with us :) Here's what today's agenda is -

1) Global Shapers Hyderabad team will be adding more information to the campaign page to describe our organizations, this project, exactly who we are targeting, and how you can hold us accountable for impact on the ground. Check in by evening IST to see this.

2) We have our KYC call with the Milaap team at 1:30pm, post which hopefully this campaign will no longer have the "under review" tag. Harshita Venati who is the project lead for #MissionFeed5K at Global Shapers is taking this call. Expect an update by afternoon.

3) Some of you will know TinMen - they work with an army of home chefs to deliver hot, healthy, and tasty meals to office goers. These home chefs are also going to be contributing food for #MissionFeed5k. By evening TinMen will know which HomeChefs are signing up and share the list with Robinhood Army.

4) Based on the locations of TinMen home chefs, Robinhood Army will create a routemap for distributing food to the homeless and poor - making sure food doesn't have to travel long distances and is still hot when it arrives. We will upload the routemap by end of day today.