30th August 2016
Dear Friends,

Akshay has been discharged couple weeks ago and he is doing well. The family is living in a rental home near the hospital. He needs to be under observation, at least for two more months. Thank you all for the support.

8th August 2016

Akshay has been shifted out of BMT room on Tuesday and his blood counts are improving. I visited him on Saturday and he is able to perform normal activities. He is doing very well and doctors are planning to discharge him this week. Once discharged, he will have to come to the hospital for checkup every two days for next couple months.

Akshay's father is really grateful for all your support and wishes. Thank you very much.

31st July 2016
Dear Supporter,

Sorry for the delayed update.

Akshay is doing well. His blood counts are increasing and getting to normalcy. Doctors are considering shifting him out of BMT room next week.  Thank you all for your wonderful support and wishes.