4th September 2017
Last month Gurudev Yogivah Giri ji had a surgical procedure to conduct some tests on him to know the condition of his bladder cancer. Tests were negative and it was declared he is free from cancer for now. His next cystoscopy in November 2017 will decide his further condition. Every body was happy. Prayers of devotees heard. Indeed a cause for celebration. Yes, it was great satisfaction for us to know that he is free from pains for now at least.

But destiny has some other plans and we got a sudden shock yesterday.Actually Guru ji was uneasy since his last month's surgery. He couldn't understand that he got heart attack fifteen days back. Thinking to be a lung problem he kept on having some minor treatment. In spite of such severe discomforts he didn't stop meeting his devotees and giving satsangs. And suddenly his condition deteriorated the day before yesterday. He got admitted in a hospital in Albany,US. After intensive examination doctor declared that he has to undergo Quadruple heart bypass surgery. Surgery is fixed for today morning (as per US east zone time).

Please continue to share and support the campaign and pray for his recovery.
Thank you.