6th May 2016
Dear Supporter,

Hitarth is at home on medications. He was taken to the hospital few days ago due to heavy diarrhea but was brought home later. One of our donors, Arpana, spoke to Dhyanesh. Hitarth's WBC count was 800 two days ago. The family is awaiting the report to see if the donor cells are increasing. Do keep him in your prayers.

Thank you!

We will share the update once the family receives the reports.

21st April 2016
Dear Supporter,

We spoke to Hitarth's father and his doctor. Hitarth has been taken home. Here's an update from his father:

Dear all,

Unfortunately, there is no improvement in Hitarth's condition. His blood counts are not coming up and he is not responding to treatment as expected. The treatment is being continued at home since the expenses at the hospital are shooting up. We need around Rs 10,000 to 15,000 every day. With your support we came so far but now we are in a very difficult situation.

Yesterday was Hitarth and Hiya's 3rd birthday. Hitarth was in the Stem Cell ICU, but we managed to get a cake for them. In the evening, after discussing with the doctors, we decided to take Hitarth home. I am finding it difficult to share this with you again and again, but we are not in a position to continue his treatment because of the expenses. Every day is a challenge to arrange for the funds.

We need your prayers and support.

Thank you.

26th March 2016
(The following update was sent by Mr. Dhyanesh Patel, Hitarth's father)

Dear supporter,

Just wanted to personally update you about Hitarth. It has been a balanced week for him. It's been one week since the new stem cells have been given to him.

Soon after that, he had a very high fever of 103-105 for almost 72 hours. Doctors tried all possible protocols of antibiotics to control the fever. Thankfully, it has been controlled and the lab tests don't show any signs of infection as of now. Another 10-12 days of patience and prayers to know the progress of the treatment. I will surely keep you updated on that. Thank you for your support.

Another important thing I wanted to discuss, a request I'd like to make to you. This is a humble plea to help me in this situation. The hospital bills have been adding up and about 90% of the funds we raised have been utilized for Hitarth's first bone marrow.

I am running short of time as the hospital bill has already crossed over Rs.10 lakh for the second transplant and I have only managed to arrange Rs.2.5 lakh. I request each of you to please start a fundraiser campaign for my son under this project on Milaap. This way, you can invite your friends and family to contribute for my son's treatment and help in this difficult situation. The funds are going directly to the hospital to ensure their transparency and you will be updated about the health status of my son. 

This is a humble plea from a father and our family to all of you. Please help us tackle this difficult phase of our life.

Here is how you can easily setup a fundraiser and help us out:
1. Please go to Hitarth's campaign here: https://milaap.org/campaigns/Hitarth
2. You will notice  "Raise funds for this initiative" text below 'support this cause' on the fundraiser campaign page
3. Click on it, enter the details and in a  minute your fundraiser campaign for Hitarth will be ready

Once your campaign is ready, you can share the link to your network and friend circle - any contribution coming to the page will help in saving my son.

Setting up a fundraiser campaign, will only take up a minute of your time. I want to save my son and you can help me in this difficult situation. I am making a plea to help me - I can't go back, I can't stop and for going forward, the funds are needed.

I've heard about miracles, and am very hopeful to see them now. Thank you so much. I am really grateful for all the support that I have received so far.

Yours truly,
(Hitarth's father)