19th July 2016
Dear Supporter,

We have an update from Hitarth's father.

Dear all,

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. You all are there in our prayers every day.

Hitarth is at home. It is very hard for me to say that he is on pain killers. Every 2 days, he has to undergo platelets transfusion to stop bleeding. This is followed by blood transfusions. Doctors have informed there is nothing much to do for Hitarth. He is not responding to treatment. As parents, we cannot give up, we want to see our son alive but he is happy to be around us and is disturbed by treatment procedures.  When I receive calls from few of you, I really want to tell you he is well, recovering but he is not. Your support helped him till now, to be with us.  Amidst the pressure to settle pending bills and looking for options to help Hitarth, I am unable to express what we are going through during our calls. We are grateful to you for helping our son's treatment till now. It really hurts me to tell you this news.

He is on supportive treatment to take his pain away. It was not easy to know that there is no way to help Hitarth or to decide that we cannot do anything further for him, but Hitarth's little body cannot take more harsh treatment. We have realised that and now we are doing our best to keep him comfortable. Do keep our son in your prayers. Thank you for helping us till now. We wouldn't have had our son with us till now if not for your timely help.