18th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

A quick update on Sunit's condition, our belief, and his supporters:

Sunit's body vitals are ok with some fluctuations here and there as the brain is showing poor neurological response. But we strongly believe the brain can heal itself (power of neuroplasticity). As per Dr. Manik (whom we consulted from Kerela), we should give him time and assess his condition regularly. As a family, we champion this. And, I believe as his supporters, you all want to give him a fair chance to fight back.

But we should all know that this is a long journey of recovery and patience. We don't know the time-frame. We don't know how much money we need. If it's 30 lakhs or more, we don't know. Please continue your support and pray for him.

We want to thank all for their contribution and prayers. Sunit told me once, 'Dada, someday, I will be world famous. And my friends will help me achieve that, not you or sister'. His campaign is now #1 in Milaap. People from different corners of the world are praying for him. Yesterday, a lady from Arizona, whom I don't know, pinged me and wished me luck while making a contribution. Technically speaking, he is famous (nobody thought this way) and his friends helped him. I strongly believe this love and goodwill will be the best medicine and his greatest ally. Thank you all for that.

Here's our plan of action -

1) Give Sunit appropriate time to come out of ICU.

2) Once his condition becomes stable, shift him to a low-cost facility where the quality of treatment is maintained so that we can manage the expenses better.

3) Take him to the 'The Clinic' run by Dr. Manik Hiranandani in Kerela for his rehabilitation process.

Thanks. Any other details anybody wants to know, do let us know.

Manish (brother) and Sweta (sister)

14th May 2018
We feel so strong from the messages and support flowing in from all around especially Sunit's friends. We love you. You're all like Sunit to us. He is lucky to have friends like you.

He will be back. We feel more strongly now. I will share more case documents and updates with you all.

Thanks to all supporters - Manish (brother) & Sweta (sister)
14th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Sunit's health.

We requested Dr. Manik Hiranandani (from Kerela) to visit Sunit and assess his condition. He told us that given the severe traumatic injury to his brain, he needs appropriate time to recovery. Since he is young, he has a good chance. But at this moment his condition is still critical, very critical. We need your prayers. Please pray for him. Sunit is fighting hard, and I strongly believe he will come back. It is a long way, we need your support.

Thank you for the love and support. Please share the campaign with your family and friends.