24th May 2016
Dear Supporter,

We have put together a month-wise update of the rehabilitation efforts on the ground in Tamil Nadu. Your support has made this possible and we can't thank you enough. Here's an update for the month of January and February.

Major Activities- Distribution of relief kits and visits to the villages with relief teams for assessment.
Volunteers working closely with the Kolapasi team identified villages in need of help. The distribution of relief kits continued till mid-January. Relief kits were packed overnight and distributed in 3 villages in the Ponneri Taluk, 50 kilometres from Chennai. Total of 1500 relief kits were distributed by the team. Milaap Fellow, Vishnu, who had visited one of the villages with the Kolapasi team had shared pictures of the damage caused by floods. The full update can be found here

Major Activities- Search for schools affected by the floods, damage assessment .
During the rehabilitation efforts, volunteers identified few schools that were badly damaged due to the floods. Though these schools reopened after minor construction and infrastructure-related work, the school authorities were worried that the students from the underprivileged background will not be able to afford books and other study materials again.
Volunteers were assigned to identify more schools and analyse the requirements.

Invoices for every transfer made towards relief efforts are shared here

Thank you!

17th December 2015
Hey all,

Just giving a glimpse of what the Kolapasi team is doing on the ground. 

There is a:
1)survey team inspecting the hard hit areas and giving reports based on which distribution of relief kits will happen.
2) IT team will keep an update if inventory of stock and inventory of the requests coming in.
3) Distribution team- volunteers who distributes it on the ground.
4) Packing team will help pack individual grocery items for the Kolàpasi food kit.
5) Social Media team will work on showcasing the world on what work is going on ,so the sponsors are kept in the loop regarding our work and show our progress to the world 
6) Technical Expertise team - Team of electricians , plumbers etc

Our fellow, Vishnu, accompanied the Kolapasi team today to visit villages near Ponneri. We will soon share an update from Vishnu.

Thank you!

15th December 2015
Dear Supporter,

Water bottles were distributed in Cuddalore by volunteers who collected the bottles from Kolapasi team. Here are few photographs:
Image title
Food and other supplies distributed helped 1000 people near Othavadai manali

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We will keep you posted with more updates.  Thank you!