8th May 2018
Dear Donors,

I am Jasper Paul writing to you with great joy to thank each and everyone of you who have contributed towards our cause and made our campaign a success. Not only have i been receiving your financial support but tons of people have sent in their well wishes and prayers towards the mission. I am a 22 year old striving to take care of 50 dying destitute people and i am confident that by God's help and your kind support i will be able to do much more.

The funds we have been raising over the past 2 months will be used to clear out our dues in the month of April which sums up to about 2.5 lakh. We will also be using the remaining funds to improve health care facilities for our residents like for example getting the blood tests done for every resident to treat them better.

We request you to share our cause further more to your close friends and family so that we can reach our target amount (We are almost there). I want to thank each one who has sacrificially given and i want to pray a special blessing over every single one of you and your families. God bless you!
Jasper Paul