9th January 2018
Update 10/01/2018:
First of all, would like to thank one an all who have stood by us to win the battle for Uttam's life.

After 72 hours of continuous monitoring, the doctor has finally estimated the total damages and recovery.
Technically multiple organs are impacted in the lower abdominal of Uttam but the major impact is his pelvic bone, UrinalBaldder, tailbone and internal soft tissues of his buttock and right thigh. He needs surgical assistance from orthopedic, gastrology and plastic surgery. He has undergone two major surgeries and multiple to follow he is on a ventilator and will continue for next couple of weeks.

Now the doctor has estimated the total cost of treatment to be 35 lakhs which might even go high. This is only the current surgical charges, the post statement is yet to identify.He might need a rehabilitation of 6 to 8 months to recover fully.

We cannot thank you enough for coming forward and supporting him. Please continue sharing the campaign with your friends and family. We will keep you posted on the progress.