19th January 2018

We have decided to hand over partial funds to the village heads( bodukaka) for the 11 villages in Minicoy island.
Our team has identified the effort and energy put up by the village community in helping the impacted families and also in clearing a lot of debry put up with the cyclone Okchi.

Also, as per the administrative set of the Island, the village heads have the list of beneficiaries and are very closely working with the people of the island.

We have decided to disperse a sum of rupees 11,000 per village to the following 11 villages in Minicoy Island.
Kendiparty, Fallesery, Kudehi, Funhilol, Aloodi, Sadivalu, Rammedu, Boduathiri, New Boduathiri, Aoumagu, Bada.

Rest of the amount will be utilized for Kalpeni Island. The list of beneficiaries are being drawn.

Will be uploading the details in next update.

Thank you.