20th January 2016

Dear Supporters,
Charvi's transplant was completed successfully a fortnight back, I visited her on Day 7 after the operation. Things are looking good; WBC counts are increasing and as a result the sideffects of the chemotherapy are reducing. She is taking in her nutrition from food bags through a Hickman's line attached to her.

Her body has started accepting the foreign stem cells given to her. Soon we should have complete clarity on this matter. If all goes well, she should slowly inch back to normalcy and probably even get back to school by June.

Her mother feels proud of her brave young daughter and thanks god for giving her a strong mind that could take on the physical and mental suffering.

We request you to continue pray for charvi's recovery

11th December 2015
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support to charvi & your prayers.

Before the procedure began,  the stem cells backup for charvi were suppose to be taken, This was done on the 13th of october, This procedure lasted 2 days and she was admitted for this.

Charvi's Mother is the donor for the stem cell transplantation procedure, For this the body has to be prepared and charvi had to undergo 3 sessions of chemotheraphy. The first dose of chemotheraphy was given on the 27th october, the second dose of chemotheraphy was given on the 12th november and the third dose was given on the 1st of december. Charvi successfully tolerated the procedure and she is now ready for the transplantation procedure.

There will be some more medical procedures done before the transplantation procedure which is going to be on the 30th of December. For these medical procedures, Charvi will be admitted to the hospital on the 17th of december.

We sincerly thank everyone for your amazing support & prayers, We request you to continue to pray for Charvi's healthy recovery & a successfull transplantation procedure.

Thank you,
Narayan & Ramya Narayan (The Parents).
5th September 2015
Dear Supporters,

Our sincere apologies for the delayed update. Charvi was admitted on 10th of August diagnosed with dengue and was put on a ventilator in critical condition (in her already sensitive condition) and was treated for 8 days by the wonderful doctors at Narayana Hrudayalaya. She is now fully recovered and is back home. We thank everyone for your prayers. The doctors have now decided to admit Charvi in the month of October. They will be preparing her for transplant, which includes 2 sessions of chemotherapy and she will be undergoing the procedure in the month of November.

We sincerly thank everyone for your continued support and prayers. Request you to continue to pray for Charvi's healthy recovery.

We will be providing more updates about her progress shortly.

Thank you for your amazing support.
Narayan & Ramya Narayan (The Parents).