10th September 2017

Dear Supporters,

Bharat Learn's initiative to set up Smart Classes in remote, rural Govt schools, rests on the kind of video lessons we create. This video update is designed to give you a glimpse into our proprietary FBTM (Film Based Teaching Methodology), and how it's already working in the schools where it's operational. See how the kids, teachers, principals are embracing it so enthusiastically!

This is a big boost to our confidence!

So, while 3000 kids in Singrauli are awaiting this, the hard news is that our funds are going to run out in November 2017... Which is why we request you to share this with others and invite them to join & support this. You all have been our biggest strength, and we continue to count on you.

Thank you for all the support. Please do share this campaign with your friends and family.