22nd October 2017
Your contribution and words of encouragement are helping Deepak immensely in his brave fight against the deadly disease. He is taking chemotherapy sessions at Ranchi, as directed by the doctors of CMC, Vellore. Each chemotherapy session, as you might know, takes a huge toll on the patient's energy levels, but Deepak--the indefatigable youngster that he is--is taking it all in his stride, doing his best to stay mentally and physically strong.

Deepak remains committed to his dream of becoming a doctor, he spends most of his time studying. As you might remember, he is his school's Biology topper (see his 12th grade Marksheet below).

Hats off to Deepak's family (parents and younger brother) who are providing rock-solid support on all aspects. So far, Deepak's medical and associated expenses at AIIMS (Delhi), CMC (Vellore) and RIMS (Ranchi) have cost Deepak's father more than Rs 1.5 lacs, but not once has he hesitated in meeting these expenses. Despite his meagre wages, he has somehow managed to raise the money whenever required.

I have requested Milaap to transfer approx Rs 57000 out of the money collected so far to Deepak's father's account immediately so that he doesn't drown in debts and lose all hope. This will be a significant support for him, both financially and mentally. Bills and invoices for this amount have been provided to Milaap.

As you can imagine, this is going to be a long and epensive journey. Please continue to stand by Deepak, and do share this plea for help in your circles.

Deepak's family sends their deep gratitude to you.