14th April 2018
We're thankful for your generosity along with which, we are also truly inspired by these tiny tots from Brazil :)
Take a look here.

Gearing up to pack all the letters for the #ItsChildrensDay campaign!
5th April 2018

Letters of Love in collaboration with #UNHCR in South-East Turkey will be celebrating National Children’s Day (April 23rd) with letters from around the world being delivered to 2000+ Syrian, Iraqi, Yazidi and Afghan refugee children :) <3

Help us spread smiles across these newly arrived ones in Turkey and celebrate them on what's designated to be their special day :)

Because, #ItsChildrensDay
3rd March 2018
Here's a glimpse of the joy #BeMyValentine campaign yielded at the Rohingya Refugee Camp in New Delhi, India, all because of your kindness :)

Thank you VERY much.

Check out our facebook page for more updates at the Palestinian and Syrian refugee community centers as well.

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