19th November 2017
Dear all,

I hope this update finds you well.

While distributing the lights, I learnt that some vendors needed a system to support the lighting fixture. To cater to this need, I designed a stand which can be dismantled and carried by the vendor (Image Below). This solution is going to be distributed to 10 different vendors. In a few weeks, I will keep you posted about the feedback. 

At this point of time, several parts of Bengaluru have been covered. If you happen to know any women street vendor who you think will benefit a solar powered light, do get in touch with me. You can send me an image & a WhatsApp Location to +91-9740-699-399 or mail me on aakarsh.shamanur@gmail.com

Wishing you all a great week ahead!

Best Regards,
Aakarsh Shamanur