11th April 2018
Dear Well Wishers,

I always start with thanking for all your support and contributions towards my campaign. I would like to mention here that we do not take any cash donations and our only hope is our Salary and MILAAP. And I will keep doing my work with more efforts and potential. With your blessings these kids are really doing well. They are happy to learn good habbits.

They are becoming well behaved and good in studies each day passing.

We are trying to provide them more nutritional items.

In my last update I requested you all to support me in engaging their parents in making food for their Kids. These parents are ready to leave their current job/labour work and are more than happy to make food for their children and get paid as well(Please read my last update dated 7-3-18). Therefore, I request you all to help me to give them a better future and support me to accomplish their dreams.