7th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Your contributions have worked as a miracle for these children. They are becoming better with each day passing. Feeding these children is not only my dream, I know that you all want to feed at least one child a day.

I mentioned earlier that I  wanted to provide them a glass of milk or an egg in the morning and I have promised them that I will make it possible. As we know that diet like this is essential for their body and mind growth along with a regular meal. These innocents do not demand anything but, it is our duty to understand their nutritional and growth need like you all do for your children. After all, they are also the children of our nation and we should treat them as our children.

So, I request you once again to extend your support and keep helping these children or at least contribute for a couple of children. It will not even cost you much but that contribution can change their life.

Please share my campaign so that it will reach to every individual of India.