13th October 2017
Update 10 - TWP

Dear Donors,

Post my 9th update on 13th September, we commenced work to build an overhead tank (OT) for the collection of water from the completed borewell.

I'm attaching photos with dates to have a progressive understanding on the timeline of work. We experienced delays due to indecisiveness from various quarters but they eventually smoothened out and work moved ahead steadily. The heavy rain showers we all have experienced weren't helping either.

The good news is that we got the KEB connection along with all clearances last week and need this OT up to install the KEB connection / switch box.

Photos & their timeline
September 16th purchase and delivery of material at site.

September 17 - 28td, digging for pillar foundation. There were a few delays caused by the rainstorms and other decisive factors but the pits were eventually dug according to specific requirements of placement of the pillars.

Even hired Sheru the watch dog to guard our material  :)

October 5th - Raising of the pillars for an overhead tank.

October 12th - pillars are almost completed.

Construction of the body of the OT will commence shortly and updates will follow suit.


Reji Koshy