4th November 2017
Update 11 - TWP

Dear Donors,

The work on the Over-Head Tank has been progressing and is nearing completion. We've had lots of delays with the setting and drying of cement because of the massive rains, but were able to finally get them done.

3rd week of October, 2017

OHT nearing completion. Photo taken on November 4th, 2017

Once the OHT is complete, the electricity board can be connected after inspection by officials. We'll begin work on rain water harvest recharge pit shortly at this same site to enable recharge of this borewell. Subsequently we need to check if piping and casing is required for the borewell after using a camera to probe and check the where the well was dug. If none of those are required, we would install a motor and should have this part of the project completed entirely by the 10th of November. (assuming there are no other delays).

POA next stage:
We've also procured material for Rain Water Harvest for the three different spaces that belong to the HOH shelter and work will commence by November 7th at these existing homes. First at the gents ward and later at women's & children's section. Our current plan is to build a sump at the men's ward which has the maximum flow of water during rains.

If we're blessed with rains as we had this year, this should bring them some respite in their water bills.

Thank you all and God bless.

Reji Koshy