24th May 2017
Dear All,

Thank you for your support thus far. We have raised 14.99 lakhs till date with the help of 279 supporters.

At this stage of the project, we are working on implementing the Farmer Field schools. The guidelines for this are currently being worked on with the help of CSA (Center For Sustainable Agriculture).

As soon as that's done, we shall begin the work. The 4 states we will be targeting are
1) Telangana
2) Andhra
3) Rajasthan
4) Tamil Nadu

In the meanwhile, please let me know if any questions/concerns? And as always, please help spread the word and create more awareness about this project and the related issues.

2nd April 2017
Dear Friends,

With all your help and support, we managed to raise 10 lakhs. This is incredible and goes on to show how each one of us have the potential to do something significant and sustainable.

Thank you once again.

We also have also received a request to start a farmer field school in Rajasthan. I'm still working on the details, once I've them finalized, will share with you.

In the meanwhile, if you do have further questions and or suggestions, please do let me know.


14th March 2017
  1. How do the Food Producer Organizations work and what kind of effort is required and sustaining them?
  2. The Farmer helpline - how do they work?