23rd February 2018
Dear donors and supporters
We are happy to share with you weekly update on Under The Tree.
You would be happy to note that we noticed a big change in the mindset of these children and their parents. For the first time, some children didn't go to their native places during this holi festival break and stayed back for studies.

This week children learnt the art of making colourful paper bags.
Children  learning computers achieved their first milestone of drawing a face in MS-paint. They also learnt how to select, copy, paste and manage workspace.

Some employees from Tata Consultancy Services visited the school and spent time with children. They donated some stationary as well.
We are grateful for the support.

Plan Ahead
We are planning to buy some folding stools and related stuff for making covered sitting arrangements for the computer class. Since the school is literally under the tree, children cannot see laptop screens well in bright light. Also, there is a lot of dust in the area that prevents comfortable sitting with laptops. Makeshift covered sitting area will help them see and work better.

We are thankful to all our donors and supporters for their continuous support to the initiative. With your support, we resolve to work further in this direction.

18th February 2018
Dear supporters,

We are happy to share with you that children at Under The Tree are progressing well in their studies.
Children learning computer have developed working proficiency in the following:
1. Open and shut down laptop
2. Open and close a program
3. Drag and right click mouse
4. Draw in MS-paint
This week they have practiced drawing shapes and color them as well.
In the coming week they will be learning further on drawing simple shapes in paint and also some basic commands.
Activity Plan
This week all children will do the activity of making colorful paper bags.

We received active  support  of the following:
1. Mr Mehboob Fazal of Genpact who have taken a few classes and have been devoting time continuing to teach at the school.
2. Mr Bhanu Pratap Singh of Tubelight who visited the school quite a few times and interacted with children. He emphasized the need to do more for these children and shared his thoughts on how to leverage technology to develop teaching models for Under The Tree.
3. Ms Shalu of Genpact visited the school and contributed stationary for the children.

We are encouraged by the continuous support of all the donors and supporters. We resolve to work further to improve the conditions of these children of migrant workers.

Thank you so much for your love and support.
12th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

We are happy to share with you that children at Under The Tree has started learning computers as planned. They have learnt about different types of computers and their functions. They have also learnt about peripheral devices like mouse, printer and speakers.

In the last one week, they have been practicing the following:
1. Open and shutdown
2. Hold and drag mouse
3. Left click
4. Open a program
5. Minimize, maximize and close windows
6. Drawing basic shapes like circle and rectangle in MS-paint

With your kind support, we have been developing a Learning Management System as well. The work is in fairly advanced stage. We will keep you posted of such developments at regular intervals.

Thank you for the support.