23rd July 2017
Thank you for supporting Meraki's work. We are excited to share some good news with you!
Meraki has now initiated its next phase of working with a thousand families! That means that your contribution will help more parents like Seema didi, whose son Ayush suffers from asthma, get the proper medical attention that he needs. It will help more parents like Seema Koli didi strengthen her daughter Ritika against family troubles. It will help more parents like Mangelalji, who himself cannot read or write, gain the confidence to support Pooja in her education.

It will help a thousand parents create nurturing homes which support informed and targeted child development— be it in health, socio-emotional conditioning, or education.
So thank you for supporting Meraki. We look forward to a long-term partnership with you. We have already reached more 50% of our crowdfunding target, and are sure that with the help of wonderful supporters like you, we shall achieve, nay over-achieve, our target in no time!
Please read more about us at merakifoundation.in and contact us at seemantdadwal@gmail.com for coordinating future contributions!