28th April 2017
Dear supporters,

I am Debotri, a fellow at Milaap. Here is an update on Debrup's health.

I spoke to Debrup's mother, Soumi, this morning. "My child is doing well these days. The weakness has reduced. Thank you, donors, for coming forward to help my baby. However, from the last couple of days, his face and eyes have swollen", she said.

On 13th April, they visited Narayana Hrudralaya, Bangalore. The child was admitted for 8 days for Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) Donation.  This is a situation where blood is removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that will collect only the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood is returned through a needle in the other arm. This process is similar to what is used when donating blood platelets. This cost of this entire process was almost near about Rs 80000. 

Debrup does not have an HLA-matched family donor, so he is planned for matched unrelated donor transplant. Fortunately, he has potential matched donor and is eligible for the procedure. The child is scheduled for Bone Marrow Transplant in the month of June 2017. The doctor advised him to undergo 6 days of oral chemotherapy before the transplant.

Currently, Debrup and his mother are at Noida. On 3rd May, he will be transfused blood in his body, which will cost around Rs 5000. "I know my child is going through a lot of trouble. He will be completing 4 years on 5th October 2017 and I firmly believe that he would a lead a less complicated life. I just wanted to say Thank You in the biggest way possible. You gave me hope and courage when I completely broke down", Soumi said.

We have attached a copy of the new cost estimation letter below.

Thank you once again. We will keep you posted on his progress.
Please share his story and help him to fight the battle.

Team Milaap