29th November 2017
On the first anniversary of support, Miracle Home conveys its heartfelt gratitude & thanks to 1131 supporters & to Milaap !!!

—Miracle Home was established in the current location in 2011 for a rent of Rs.8000/- pm; which has remained same, thanks to the understanding of landlord. But now the landlord has indicated that property has been transferred to other family members and the land is planned to be sold.
In finding a new location, a few considerations based on current challenges and learning - have been identified. These have been shared in the attached file - "Miracle Home New location - reason & considerations".

Also attached is a request letter from Sivaji and Prema towards support for shifting to a new location with a long term focus for sustainability and stability..

Based on initial search, following is the summary:
—1. 10 years lease deposit estimated at Rs.30 lakhs. Rental option expected to be higher at Rs.35000 pm, with increase over time. Hence, lease option is better.
—2. Two months ago, Rs.7 lakhs, from the money given by Milaap supporters for running expenses, was put away in Fixed deposit towards building the fund for New location.
—3. Miracle Home needs Rs.23 lakhs more to find a new location that will give sustainability, safety and joy for children to grow up.

We have therefore increased the goal amount of this fundraiser to raise the 23 lakhs required for the lease deposit.

Kindly have a look at the 2 attachments.

Grateful as always for your understanding and support to provide the opportunity for 23 orphaned children to realise their potential and to Sivaji and Prema in their selfless initiative to provide a home of love and care to these children.

God bless!


25th November 2017
Dear Supporters

Happy to inform you that Miracle Manna Children’s home finally got the Govt. of India approval for receiving Foreign Donations !

If you would like to make a donation to them, you could now do so thru Milaap website, which has now been enabled to receive US dollar donation. This by toggling the currency box between INR and USD.
Kindly share the following link with your friends and family too:

Funds required for Miracle home at this juncture is 2 fold:
1. Short term, for meeting operational expenses for December 2017 to Feb 2018 : Is INR 205,000/- or USD 3153/-. This is as per the latest update posted on 24th November.

2. Medium term, for finding a new location as the current landlord has indicated his decision to sell the land on which the residence rented out to Miracle home is located. A ten year lease rental/deposit of similar size residence in the vicinity is estimated at INR 30 lakhs for which past donations have been set aside via a Fixed Deposit in bank for INR 7 lakhs. The balance needed for this purpose is INR 23 lakhs or US $ 35,300/-.

Best wishes and prayers



24th November 2017
Dear Supporters

This quick update is to make a request for immediate donations to meet the ongoing running expenses and Christmas celebrations at Miracle Home.

Current Savings bank balance                      : Rs.40,000/-
This Fund withdrawal request                      : Rs. 130,000/-
Available                                                            : Rs.170,000/-

1. New dress for Miracle home kids:
 Year round they wear used clothes donated
by supporting families.                                       : Rs.50,000/-
2.  Study room painting                                       : Rs. 20000/-
3. Christmas Celebrations                                   : Rs. 10000/-
4. Running expenses - three months cover     : Rs. 300,000/-
    (break-up in attached document)
Immediate Requirement                                     : Rs. 375,000/-          

Balance Fund support required                           :  Rs.205,000/-
Grateful as always for your support !

God bless !

I will be sending an update request for location shift of Miracle in a few days occasioned by Landlord asking us to plan our move out of current rented house. Kindly note that as mentioned briefly in the update of September 17, 2017, we have created a Fixed deposit of Rs.7 lakhs towards this item.