22nd May 2017
Actually her condition is progressing very slowly, and till now 25 lakhs(approximate) has been spent, which includes not only hospital bills but also some costly  medicines bought from outside, and many other things.

We have asked bills for all the upcoming expense and also for the past expenses, but hospital authorities are taking their time on it. We are also expecting other expense required for physiotherapy and machines that we need to buy at home for physiotherapy.

Thank you for your support.

22nd May 2017

Right now yogita has been transffered to general ward. Although she is transfred to general ward, she will be under doctors observation. It will take time for her to adapt the envirnoment of general ward.
We are restricting visitor for her right now.

Her current body movement is restricted to shoulder and head. Progress is going to be slow, but we believe she will be fine after taking physiothearpy sessions.

We have spent around 25 lakhs (approximated estimation), and according to hospital the estimation can go up around 40 lakhs.

10th May 2017
Hi, Yogita has been removed from ventilator but she is still in oxygen support and ICU.

She will be soon moved to general ward but currently under observation in ICU.

Thanks for all your prayers _/\_