29th March 2017
Dea Supporters/ Contributors,

We have an update!

Monika Ma'am is undergoing her last chemo today before Friday's stem cell transplant.
It's been a long journey so far but I will just share a few pictures and posts to give an overview what she has been up to lately.

22nd March
23rd March

25th march

26th March

And After The Chemo

Today- 29th March

And she longs to be with the lovely son, Gul
Who is as brave as his mother is
Smiling all the way!

And Last
Must say, she is giving a hard time to cancer. Her students say, “woh aaj bhi bohut acha class leti hai, so no one should mess with her”

I just can’t begin to thank all of you out there, no word will be enough for the colossal support that you all have shown through your prayers and your generous contributions.
Would request you all to keep praying for her and sharing her message till she registers a LANKMARK permanent victory. And also keep sharing this page among your friend circle or you may start a support campaign to help us reach our goal.

Saahil Sharma