7th March 2017
Dear supporters,

I am Debotri, a fellow at Milaap. Here is an update on Ashwini's treatment.

I spoke to Ashwini's mother, Mrs Prema today morning. "She is better now. Ashwini has improved a bit since we admitted her on 9th January 2017 at Narayana Hrudralaya. However, she is little weak at the moment.  I want to genuinely thank the donors for coming forward to help my child", she said.

Ashwini already underwent one and a half cycle of chemotherapy. Today she will be taken to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit where the doctor will choose the donor for her. For this, Ashwini's elder sister, Anupama,  will be also taken to the BMT unit where even she has to undergo few test so as to reassure that she is the closest match for the patient- the best donor.

Although the doctor has not fixed the date for BMT, it is expected to undergo in the next week. "In the past three years, her cancer relapsed twice. Although I and my husband broke down, it was Ashwini who stood strong. Thank you, donors, for giving us hope. Your support and contribution will never be forgotten", said the mother.

 We want to THANK YOU in the biggest way possible. Please share her story and help her to fight the battle. We will keep you posted on her progress.

Team Milaap