15th March 2017
Hello all,
Lata was responding well to the treatment and was asked to further continue the medication from home. In fact, the condition was so much better that she used to interact well and ask for food ,also do her routine exercises on her own. Everyone was happy with the progress she has made. Keeping in mind about the infection she could get being in the hospital, doctors recommended to further continue the medication from home. Lata was excited to be at home ,back with all her loved ones. She was discharged on 3rd march,2017 and was settled at her residence in Belapur with all the necessary arrangements. While she was bed rested, we noticed that she couldn't feel or move the right area of her face. We took her back and admitted to hinduja again upon which we were told that it was due to a brain stoke. While she was in ICU, she underwent multiple brain stokes leading to unrecoverable damage to her brain. We are terribly scared with this and as told by doctors, Lata is fighting a losing battle now. She is on ventilator now.